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Wisconsin Dairy Polka

Geography Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Desquaw Woody (Brian Schellinger)     

This song is available on Colleen & Uncle Squaty's 1, 2, 3, Four-Ever Friends

Oh Wisconsin is the state that I am from.
There's no finer land that I could walk upon! 
To the west is Minnesota.  To the east it's hard to gota,
 because first, you must swim Lake Michigan.
Oh yes, Wisconsin is our home girls and boys.
There is nowhere that gives my heart such joy!
To the north is Lake Superior, but if it's land you must get nearier,
then just walk south and find the state of Illinois.

We've got cows!  Man, have we got cows!
Red ones, brown ones, great big black and white cows.
If you took all the milk they make and filled a big hole in the ground,
There'd be a white milk lake as big as your whole town!


We've got cheese!  Man, have we got cheese!
Colby, Swiss and pounds of cheddar cheese.
If you took all the cheese they make and made a big cheese birthday cake,
with clouds for frosting and our candles could be trees!

Oh yes, Wisconsin is the state that I am from.


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Many thanks to Colleen & Uncle Squaty for permission to display these lyrics.
© Colleen & Uncle Squaty. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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