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French Songs
Educational Music for Teaching the French Language

These French song lyrics are available from a variety of albums.
Use begining French songs to teach vocabulary words for animals, clothing, weather, time, parts of the body, colors, food, counting, family, and grammar.

Elementary French Songs
Allons à la plage (Let’s go to the Beach)– Language Leaders!
     Allons voyager! / Let’s Go Traveling!– Zim Zam Zoum!
     Célébrons (Let's Celebrate)– Language Leaders!
     Comment te sens tu? (How Do You Feel?)– Language Leaders!
     De quoi avons-nous besoin? (What do we need?)– Language Leaders!
     Frère Jacques – Traditional French Song
     Introductions– Language Leaders!
     J'aime et je n'aime pas/I Like and I Don't Like– Zim Zam Zoum!
     L'alphabet Français! (Alphabet Song)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     Les Contraires/Opposites– Zim Zam Zoum!
     Les jouets (The Toys)– Language Leaders!
     Mes Activités / My Activities– Zim Zam Zoum!
     Parlez-vous...? (Do You Speak...?)– Language Leaders!
     Qu'est-ce que c'est? (What Is It?)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     Qui est-ce? (Who Is It?)– Language Leaders!
     Sais-tu jouer d’un instrument? / Can You Play an Instrument?– Zim Zam Zoum!
     Savez-vous planter les choux?– Teaching French through Songs & Games

French Songs About the Calendar, Weather, Time and Seasons
     Hier, Aujourd'hui et Demain (Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow in French)
         – Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Les mois de l'année (Months of the Year)– Language Leaders!
     Les Saisons (The Seasons)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     Lundi matin (Days of the Week)– Language Leaders!
     Quel temps fait-il?/What's the Weather Like?– Zim Zam Zoum! 
     Quelle heure est-il? / What Time Is It?– Zim Zam Zoum! 
     Quelle Heure Est-Il? (What Time Is It?)– Simple Songs That Teach French  

French Songs About Animals
     Allons au zoo (Let's Go To the Zoo)– Language Leaders!
     Animaux familiers (Pets)– Language Leaders!
     Dans la forêt (In the Forest)– Language Leaders!
     La Chanson des Animaux (The Animal Song)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     Tu as un animal...?/Haye You Got a Pet?– Zim Zam Zoum!  

Clothing and Names of Parts of the Body
     Le corps humain (The Human Body)– Language Leaders!
     Qu’est-ce que tu mets? / What Are You Wearing?– Zim Zam Zoum!
     Savez-vous planter les choux?– Teaching French through Songs & Games

French Songs About Colors and Foods
     Animaux familiers (Pets)– Language Leaders!
     Imagine!– Zim Zam Zoum!
     L’oiseau bleu– Teaching French through Songs & Games
     La Bonne Salade (The Salad Song)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     La Chanson des Couleurs (The Color Song)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     La chanson des couleurs (Color Song)– Language Leaders!
     Le Restaurant (The Restaurant)– Language Leaders!
     Les Fruits (Teaching Names of Fruit in French)– Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Les Légumes (Teaching Names of Vegetables in French)
          – Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Les repas (The Meals)– Language Leaders!
     Un Pique-nique (A Picnic)– Simple Songs That Teach French 2

French Songs to Teach Greetings
     Au Revoir (Goodbye)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     Bonjour (Hello)– Simple Songs That Teach French
     Bonjour, Salut (Hello, Hi)– Simple Songs That Teach French 2

Numbers and Counting Fun in French
     Animaux familiers (Pets)– Language Leaders!
     Les Nombres "Blues" (Counting in French)– Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Mon merle a perdu une plume– Teaching French through Songs & Games

French Songs About Occupations, Schools, Families, Neighborhoods and Homes    
     Au travail! (To Work!)– Language Leaders!
     Bonjour La Famille!– Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Cache Cache (Names of rooms and objects within the Home)
          – Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Docteur (Going to the Doctor)– Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     En classe (In the Classroom)– Language Leaders!
     L'anniversaire/The Birthday– Zim Zam Zoum!
     La Photo de ma Famille/The Photo of My Family– Zim Zam Zoum!
     La Salle de Classe (Classroom Objects in French) – Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Le policier (The Police Officer)– Language Leaders!
     Les Continents (Teaching the Continents in French)– Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Ma famille (My Family)– Language Leaders!
     Ma maison (My House)– Language Leaders!

Raps & Songs for Middle School, High School and Adult Learners
of the French Language

     Comment est-il?– John De Mado
     Des aubergines des pommes de terre (Food) – John De Mado
     Je pars en vacances– John De Mado
     Les Planètes– Chris Rawlings
     Lundi matin (Everyday Routine) – John De Mado
     Salut!– John De Mado
     Tiens! J'ai quelques photos (Family) – John De Mado
     Tu fais quoi?– John De Mado
     Une boum tres cool! (Birthday Party) – John De Mado

French Grammar Raps & Songs: Parts of Speech,
Verb Conjugations and Punctuation

     Cache Cache (Teaching Prepositions in French)– Simple Songs That Teach French 2
     Voici des verbes.../ Here Are Some Verbs…– Zim Zam Zoum!

Traditional French Songs: Lyrics, Instrumentals & Sheet Music
     ABC: La Chanson De L'alphabetChildren's Song
     À La Claire FontaineTraditional French Song      
     À la pêche aux moules
Traditional French Song     
     À Saint-Malo, Beau Port De Mer
Traditional French Song     
     Ah! Si Mon Moine Voulait Danser!
Traditional French Song
     Ah! Vous dirai-je, MamanTraditional French Song       
Traditional French Children's Song
     AlouetteTraditional/Andrew Queen
     Au Clair de la Lune
Traditional French Song
     Au Feu Les Pompiers
Traditional French Song
     Bateau, Ciseau
Traditional French Song
     Berceuse de Brahms
Traditional French Song
     Bonhomme, Bonhomme
Traditional French Song
     Cadet Rousselle
Traditional French Children's Song     
     Dans La Forêt Lointaine-
Traditional French Song      
     Dansons la capucine- Traditional French Song     
     Fais Dodo-
Traditional French Children's Song          
     Frère Jacques
Traditional French Children's Song          
Il Court, Le Furet
- Traditional French Song     
     Il était un petit navire
- Traditional French Song
     Il pleut bergère
- Traditional French Song
     J’ai perdu le do de ma clarinette
Traditional Children's Song
     J'ai du bon tabac
Traditional French Song
     J'aime La Galette
Traditional French Songs
     Jean De La Lune
Traditional French Song
     Jean Petit Qui danse
Traditional French Song
     Joyeux Noël
John and Monica Hyde
     L'araignée Gypsie
Traditional French Song
     La Cloche Du Vieux ManoirTraditional French Song
     La FourmiTraditional French Song
     La Mère Michel Traditional French Song
     La Petite Poule GriseTraditional French Song
     Le bon roi Dagobert
Traditional French Song
     Le Loup, Le Renard et La Belette
Traditional French Song
     Le Petit Prince
Traditional French Song
     Les petites marionettes (Ainsi font, font, font)
Traditional Children's Song
     Maman Les Petits Bateaux
Traditional French Song
Traditional French Song
     Meunier, tu Dors
Traditional French Song
     Mon Petit Oiseau (À La Volette)
– Traditional French Song     
     Nous N'irons Plus Au Bois
Traditional French Song     
     Partons, La Mer Est Belle
Traditional French Song
     Petit Papa, Petit MamanTraditional French Song
     Pirouette CacahuèteTraditional French Song
     PolichinelleTraditional French Song
     Promenons-Nous Dans Les BoisTraditional French Song
     Quand Biron Voulut DanserTraditional French Song
     Quand Les Poules Vont Aux ChampsTraditional French Song
     Savez-vous plantez les choux?Traditional French Children's Song
     Si Tu Aimes Le SoleilTraditional French Song
     Sur Le Plancher, Une AraignéeTraditional French Song
     Sur Le Pont D'AvignonTraditional French Children's Song
     Sur le pont du Nord
Traditional French Song
     Tête, Épaules, Genoux et PiedsTraditional French Children's Song
     Trois Petits ChatsTraditional French Song
     Un Éléphant, Ça TrompeTraditional French Song
     Un Petit Canard Au Bord De L'eauTraditional French Song
     Un Petit CochonTraditional French Song
     Une Poule Sur Un MurTraditional French Song
     Une Souris verteTraditional French Song
     V'là L'bon VentTraditional French Song

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