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Songs that Teach Music Appreciation,
Music Theory and Musical Instruments

Add some fun to your Music curriculum by supplementing your lesson plans with songs!  Whether you need educational music for teaching the classics, reading sheet music, music theory or music appreciation songs, you'll find a varied selection below. These Music Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

These music appreciation songs are available from a variety of albums:

     Bach: Minuet in G– Sing Your Way to the Classics
     C to C– Wendy Rollin
     Canon in D– Johann Pachelbel
     Choo Choo Ka– Teaching the terms pianissimo and fortissimo to young children.
     Click Clack– Listen & Learn
     Come, Play That Music– Margie La Bella
     Crescendo– Wendy Rollin
     Dance the Day Away– Vincent Nunes
     Do You Speak Music?– Judy Leonard
     Don't Forget To Sing– Gemini
     Get Up and Sing!– Amy Michelle & Friends
     Good Time– Listen & Learn
     Giuseppe Verdi and La Donna é Mobile from "Rigoletto"
          – Sing Your Way to the Classics
     Hear Me Sing; Watch Me Dance– Music With Mar.
     Homemade Band– Margie La Bella
     I am a Fine Musician– Traditional/Andrea Moon
     I Can Do It By Myself– Listen & Learn
     I Can Sing High Notes, I Can Sing Low Notes– Ella Jenkins
     I Like to Clap– Listen & Learn
     I'm Singing A Solo– Ella Jenkins
     Instrument Friends Suite– Wendy Rollin
     The Instrument Song– (The Orchestra Song) Austrian Folk
     Just For Fun– Marilyn M. Linford
     Kalico Kat's Jug Band– Marla Lewis
     Kaluba, Beat the Drum– Ella Jenkins
     Kooky Kangaroo– Bryan McCabe
     The La La Song– Listen & Learn
     The Little Bee– Veronica Harper
     Making Music– Tickle Tune Typhoon
     Maracas - I Love That Sound– Dianne Baker
     Marching Band– Debbie Clement
     Melody & Harmony– Wendy Rollin
     Music Time is Over– Margie La Bella
     My First Song– Wendy Rollin
     Note Name Match– Veronica Harper
     The Orchestra is Here to Play– Gemini
     Open Your Mouth and Sing "Ah" – Margie La Bella
     Play and Do This– Margie La Bella
     Play Your Instruments– Stephanie Burton
     Rhythm - March & Waltz– Wendy Rollin
     Ring and Sing– Listen & Learn
     Shakers, Up High!– Listen & Learn
     Silly Snake– Bryan McCabe
     Spooky Band– Steve Blunt
     Tap Tap Your Rhythm Sticks– Listen and Learn
     Ten Little Skeletons (Rhythm Sticks)– Steve Blunt
     Tone Block Time– Listen & Learn
     The Ukulele Song– Listen & Learn
     Very Best Band– Margie La Bella
     Who Is That Polka?– Let's Dance!
     You Can Strum Too– Listen & Learn
     You've Got to Wait– Margie La Bella

Songs for Learning to Read Sheet Music
     CariBBean Cool– Ben Stiefel
     I've Got the BBBlues– Ben Stiefel
     A BBBarrel of Fun– Ben Stiefel
     Stack That Bale of HAAAy– Ben Stiefel
     My Hot Rod CCCar– Ben Stiefel
     New Orleans CCCool– Ben Stiefel
     DDDance, Dance, Dance– Ben Stiefel

Guitar for Beginners: A new series of articles from Aaron Schulman
     The Importance of Accurate Guitar Tuning

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