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Lullabies and Quiet-Time Songs for Children

Lullaby Songs from Around the World

These children's lullabies are available from a variety of albums:

A Child's Prayer – Lazslo Slomovits
A Child's World of Lullabies – Hap Palmer
All is Well – Timmy Abell
All the Pretty Little Horses – Traditional Lullaby
All Through the Night – Traditional Lullaby
All the World's Asleep – Cathy Bollinger
Angels Watching Over Me – Traditional Lullaby
Beloved Lullaby –Dorothy Zerbe
Best Lullaby Songs Ever – Mrs. Music & Various Artists
Cherryville – Timmy Abell
Close Your Eyes – Jonathan Sprout
Close Your Eyes – Mrs. Kate
Counting Piggy Tails – Jack Hartmann
Desert Lullaby – Priscilla Ahn
Drifting – Timmy Abell
Everyone Needs to Rest – Jack Hartmann
Folk Song Lullabies – Phil Rosenthal
German Cradle Song – Traditional German Lullaby
Goodnight – Prue Whoo
Good-night – Dorothy Zerbe (written by John Lennon)
Go to Sleep – Phil Rosenthal
He's Got the Whole World – Sheet Music/Piano Solo
Hey, Hey, Watenay – Traditional Ojibwa Lullaby
Hoku Light (Hawaiian Lullaby) – Tria
Hush Little Baby – Traditional Lullaby
Hush Little Baby – Sheet Music from Andrea Moon
I Dreamed of Angels –Judy Pancoast
I Love My Home – Mrs. Kate
I Love You – Timmy Abell
In My Bed – Priscilla Ahn
Jammies (The Pajama Song) – Mrs. Kate
John of Dreams – Timmy Abell
Lightning Bug Lullaby – Mrs. Kate
Little Boat – Priscilla Ahn
Little Cowgirl's Lullaby – Traditional
Los Pollitos– Alina Celeste
Lullabies For Our Children – Gemini
Lullabies For A New Age – Jonathan Sprout
Lullabye – Andy Z
Lullaby and Goodnight (Brahms' Lullaby) – Traditional
Lullaby for Lucy (A Portuguese Lullaby) – Vincent Nunes
Nap Time – Mrs. Kate
Now The Day Is Over – Dorothy Zerbe
Oh How Lovely – Gemini
On the Day You Were Born – Cathy Bollinger
- Pricilla Ahn
Paulina Sees Angels - Andy Z
The Riddle Song – Traditional Lullaby Lyrics
Rock-a-Bye, Baby – Traditional Lullaby Lyrics
Rockabye Baby Safe – Mrs. Kate
Rozhinkes Mit Mandlen – Gemini
Shenandoah – Traditional
Show Kindness Every Day – Jack Hartmann
Sleepy in Peace – Mrs. Kate
Sleepytime Lullabies – Nicola Kerr
Soothe Me Softly – Mrs. Kate
Sweetly 'Neath The Moon – Dorothy Zerbe
The Swing – Dorothy Zerbe (R. L. Stevenson)
This Old Rocking Chair – Two of a Kind
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – Traditional Lullaby Lyrics
Winkum, Winkum – Dorothy Zerbe
The Woods Of Dreams – Laszlo Slomovits

Instrumental Lullabies
Christopher Thomas - Andy Z
Des Jeunes Files Et Des Fleurs
- Pricilla Ahn
Evening Song - Phil Rosenthal
Kohola Dreams - Tria
Lullaby Medley - Phil Rosenthal
Monhegan - Phil Rosenthal
Mandolin Dreams - Phil Rosenthal
Over the Waterfall - Phil Rosenthal
Planxty Hugh O'Donnel - Timmy Abell
Quiet Time - JW & Jean Snyder
Vampire - Pricilla Ahn
Zoie - Andy Zl

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