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Animal Songs for Young Children

Introduction to Different Animals

These animal song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:   

A Cat's Like That – Dan Crow
Alice the Beagle – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Animal Song – Caroline and Danny
Black Cat – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
Clean the Cage – Music, Movement & Magination
Computer Cat – Donna & Andy
Dogs – Dan Crow
Doggie Dog Blues – Amy Michelle & Friends
Unicorn – Jason Anderson
Find the Pet That's Right For You – Music with Mar.
Five Cute, Roly-poly Puppies – Music with Mar.
Good For Each Other – Judy Leonard
Hound Dog – The Battersby Duo
I Love My Doggy – Music, Movement & Magination
I Love My Pets – Music, Movement & Magination
Jenny Got a Puppy – Judy Leonard
Mardi The Bunny – Vivi Melody & Family
My Dog Blue – Alina Celeste
My Dog Pepper – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
My Fat Cat – Music with Mar.
My Fish – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
My Hamster – Donna & Andy
My Magic Pets – Tim Christenbury
My Pet Turtle – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Pony Ride – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Precious Friend – The Battersby Duo
Scoop a Doop Poop – Jeff & Paige
Wish I Had a Pet – Dianne Baker

Barnyard/Farm Animals   - Click Here for more!
A Happy Horse – Dan Crow
A Place on the Farm – Jack Hartmann
Animal Sounds – Music with Mar.
Baby Chick – Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Barnyard Boogie – Colleen & Uncle Squaty  
Barnyard Talkin' (Animal Sounds) – Dennis Westphall
Buttercup the Bovine  – The Battersby Duo
Come and Go Around with Me – Music with Mar. 
Do You Know These Sounds? – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
The Farm Song – Skip West  
Go Out and Get Your Own Goat – Fran Avni 
Grandpa's Farm – Traditional 
I Had A Rooster – Wayne Potash
In and Out of a Door – Kare Strong
John The Rabbit – Alina Celeste
Kiss A Cow – Dan Crow
Mrs. Brown Went To Town – Sam Jones
Old MacDonald Had a Farm – Traditional Folk Song
Rappin' Ole MacDonald – Music, Movement & Magination
Trip to the Farm – Marilyn M. Linford 
We're Going To The Farm – Music, Movement & Magination
Where Does Our Food Come From? – Music, Movement & Magination

Bird Migration – Music, Movement & Magination
The Bird Song – Phil Rosenthal
Duck Song– Foster Brown 
Feathered Friends – Karen Rupprecht & Pam Minor
Hey, Mrs. Bird – Music, Movement & Magination
Hoot Owl Blues – Mark Szabo
How Do You Know It's A Bird? – Music, Movement & Magination
If I Were A Little Bird – Alina Celeste
Meadowlark – Jeff & Paige
Pondering Penguins – Donna & Andy
Puffin's Summer Picnic – Marla Lewis
Three Little Birds – Andy Z
Tweet Tweet Little Birdy – Margie La Bella
Whoo Could It Be? – Foster Brown

Bugs & Insects Songs - Click Here 

Dinosaur Songs - Click Here 

Fish and Water Creatures - Click Here for more!
All the Little Pollywogs– Fran Avni
Clawzy The Sea Monster –Wayne Potash
Dolphins and Whales –Music, Movement & Magination
The Fishes Rodeo – Dan Crow
Fishies – Music, Movement & Magination
Fishing in the Deep Blue Sea – Proo Whoo
Five Sea Lions – Jason Didner
Flipper the Seal  – Two of a Kind
The "Gulp Gulp" Song –Music, Movement & Magination
Glass Bottom Boat – Jason Didner
Jaws– Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Manatee– The Battersby Duo
Shy Shark – Wayne Potash
Swishy Fishy – Music with Mar.
Whales, Whales, Whales– Fred Gee

Wild Animals
Bat – Foster Brown 
Bats – Lyrical Learning
Beaver–Jeff & Paige
Bobcats–Wayne Potash
Bold Beaver–Wayne Potash
Bring Back the Bat – Nancy Schimmel and Fran Avni
Feet, Feet!- Marla Lewis
Five Little Rabbits – Music with Mar.
The Fox – Traditional Song/Phil Rosenthal
Gettin’ Ready (for the winter) – Mark Szabo
Goodbye Mr. Panda – Johnny and the Raindrops
In the Jungle – Phil Rosenthal 
Jungle Safari – Music, Movement & Magination
Leave ‘Em Alone! – Mark Szabo
Mighty Wolf–Jeff & Paige
Mr. Cricket – Foster Brown
My Dewlap (Moose Song) – Kim Soleski Ward 
Porcupine – Jeff Wolin
Puffin's Summer Picnic – Marla Lewis
Ra-Ra-Racoon – Music with Mar.
Scales, Feathers or Fur – Music with Mar.
Track Detective – Jeff Wolin 
Up All Night – Music, Movement & Magination
Where’s the Groundhog? – Mark Szabo

African Animals
African Safari – Diana Colson
Baboon Baby – Diana Colson
Doing the Flamingo Walk – Diana Colson
The Elephant Parade – Ashley De La Rocha
Elephants Have Wrinkles – Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Elephant – Priscilla Ahn
Elephants – Diana Colson
Elephant's Toenails – The Battersby Duo
Giraffe – Diana Colson
Lion Pride – Diana Colson
Lions – Music with Mar. 
Speaking Swahili – Diana Colson
Thomson's Gazelle – Diana Colson
The Vulture – Diana Colson
Walkin' In An Elephant's Shoes – Marla Lewis & Les Julian

Nature Walks 
A Walk Outside – Dan Crow
Cattail Diner – Foster Brown
Get Outdoors–Jeff & Paige
Going On a Bush Walk – Prue Whoo
Mother Nature’s Animal Magic Show – Judy Leonard
Two Toads and a Bee – Kare Strong
Walkin, Wadin' & Wanderin' – Foster Brown

Zoo/Circus Animals 
Animal Parade – Vivi Melody & Family
Animals at the Zoo – Bobby Susser
A Rhino Likes Popcorn – Jason Anderson
City Zoo – Fran Avn
Dance Party at the Zoo – Tuned Into Learning: Adapted Dance 
The Elephant Circus Parade – Ashley De La Rocha 
Make Believe Zoo – Margot Bevington
The People Exhibit At The Zoo – Jason Didner
To The Zoo – Music with Mar.
Walking in the Zoo – Prue Whoo
Who's in the Zoo? – Kiboomu Music

Animal Action Songs
A Little White Bunny – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown  
The Animal Dance – Phil Rosenthal
Animal Hand Clap Rap – Liz Buchanan
Animals in Action 1 – Jack Hartmann
Cool Creatures – Music, Movement & Magination
Monkey Say, Monkey Do – Jack Hartmann
Please Say Cheese – Jack Hartmann
Rockin' In The Rabbit Hole – Liz Buchanan
Timmy – Kelly Good
Wiggle, Jiggle, Giggle – Caroline and Danny
You'd Better Run – Colleen & Uncle Squaty

Animal Sounds
Animal Babble – Dan Crow
A Place on the Farm – Jack Hartmann
Barnyard Talkin' (Animal Sounds) – Dennis Westphall 
Good Morning – Caroline and Danny
Hello There! – Thomas Moore/Linda Brown
I Can Hear The Creatures Sing – It's Elementary! 
In and Out of a Door – Kare Strong
Jungle Safari – Music, Movement & Magination
Learn the Language – Jim Rule
Rappin' Ole MacDonald – Music, Movement & Magination
Topsy Turvy Animal Song – Prue Whoo

Science Musical Plays
Biomes: Animals and Plants in Their Habitats - Bad Wolf Press
Environmental Show – Ron Fink and John Heath
Geology ROCKS! – Ron Fink and John Heath
The Rumpus in the Rainforest – Ron Fink and John Heath
Vacation On Mars – Ron Fink and John Heath


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