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Going On A Bush Walk
Song About the Australian Outback
Prue Whoo: Australian Singer/Songwriter

This song is available on Prue Whoo's Australian Tunes

Prue Whoo’s Going On a Bush Walk song can be used to discuss the different types of animals you might find in the Australian bush.  Your students can act out the different animals during the song & there are vocal responses which can be used for timing. 

With my pack, pack, pack on my back, back, back
We are going on a bush walk (bush walk)
Down the road, road, road here we go, go, go
We are going on a bush walk (bush walk)
Hey there Mr Kangaroo, what a beauty you are
I can hop like you Mr Kangaroo, bet you I can hop just like you
Hop, hop, hop, hop, hop, hop


Hey there Mr Frill Neck Lizard, what a beauty you are
With a frill to kill when you stand so still
Bet you I can look just like you


Hey there Mr Slithering Snake
How quiet you are
I can slither like a snake make no mistake
Bet you I can slither just like you (slither, slither)

Hey why don’t you put your back pack on
Fill it with some goodies and come along
Put on your hat and your walking shoes
And come along with me


With my pack, pack, pack on my back, back, back
We are going on a bush walk, bush walk

- Get the children to think about the different types of Australian animals you might encounter in the bush. Things they might eat.
-Discuss types of food you might take out on a bush walk & how that food might help you survive (water being paramount to survival).
The importance of wearing suntan lotion when going outdoors. Plus hat & good walking shoes.

- Voice response to correct rhythm and beat
-Role play putting on your backpack and filling it with healthy types of food/water.
-Role play making a vegemite or peanut butter & jelly sandwich and putting it in your pack. (Add a bit of fun by getting the kids to wash up their mess before they go on
their walk.) then for a special treat, throw in some lollies!!!
-Act out getting out the sun cream and putting it on, plus hat and shoes.
-Leave plenty of room so they can hop like kangaroos, use their hands to be frilled necked lizards and slither around like snakes.





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Many thanks to Prue Whoo for permission to display these lyrics.
© Prue Whoo. All rights reserved. Used with permission.




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