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Mother Nature’s Animal Magic Show
Animal Song Lyrics and Soundclip for Children
Judy Leonard

The song is available on Judy Leonard's Mother Nature’s Animal Magic Show Mini Musical.


It's Mother Nature's Animal Magic Show
Step right up and see
Mother Nature's Animal Magic Show
It's open and it's free
Come one, come all, come right away
It's in your town today
See Mother Nature's Animal Magic Show
Before it goes away

Serena the Dancing spider spins upon a web
Made of silk from her own body
A thousand tiny threads
Gaze into the eyes of Delilah the Deer
If you blink, you will see she has disappeared


The incredible chameleon
Can change the color of his skin
Watch him turn from green to brown,
Then back to green again
Who can do what he can do,
Outrageous Oliver Owl?
Face the sun and
Turn his head all the way around


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Many thanks to Judy Leonard for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© 1992 & 1990 J.Thomas Tunes Music and Heartstrong Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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