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Science for Young Children
Science Songs for Early Childhood Development

These science song lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use these science songs for teaching about the human body, healthy habits, biology, zoology, physics, earth sciences, and weather.

The Human Body
      Blood- Intelli-Tunes 
      Bones- Miss Jenny
      The Bones Song- Kathleen Wiley
      Brains- Dennis Westphall
      Digestion- Intelli-Tunes
      Everybody Touch Your Head- Margie La Bella
      Feet- Prue Whoo
      Feet, Feet!- Marla Lewis
      Five Senses- Intelli-Tunes
      The Immune and Lymph Systems- Lyrical Learning
      Introduction to the Human Body- Lyrical Learning
      It's My Brain- Miss Jenny
      Itchy, Itchy- The Amazing Body
      The Muscular System- Lyrical Learning
      Muscles and Bones with Skin All Around- The Amazing Body
      My Body: Internal Organs- Intelli-Tunes
      My Body- Prue Whoo 
      My Heart- Miss Jenny
      Name Those Bones- Intelli-Tunes
      Nerves- Miss Jenny
      Ologies (The Study Of)- Lyrical Learning
      Pumping Up the Heart Beat- Healthy Start Publishing
      The Red Blood Cell Rap- Miss Jenny
      Right Here! (Identifying Bones in the Body)- Jack Hartmann
      Senses Boogie- Explore New Worlds
      Skin- Dennis Westphall
      The Skeletal System- Lyrical Learning
      Tap It On Your Head- Margie La Bella
      That's What They Taught Me In School- Stephanie Burton
      Tooth Rap- Intelli-Tunes
      Teeth- Prue Whoo 

Healthy Habits
      Aerobic Exercise: Heartbeat- Caroline and Danny
      Cardio March- Exercise Your Smarts
      Clean and Happy Club- The Amazing Body
      Cool Cat's Cool Down - ExerSongs
      Energy - Nutricise
      Food Groups Are Rockin' Tonight- The Amazing Body
      Food Pyramid- Marilyn M. Linford
      Germ Attack!- Caroline and Danny
      Germs, Germs, Germs- Miss Jenny
      Here’s What You Do Do and You Don’t Do When You Go to Use the Bathroom
         - Jack Hartmann
      I Know A Smart Woman- Music With Mar.
      I Put My Helmet On- Music with Mar.
      I'm Keepin' Clean- Intelli-Tunes  
      Jump, Jump, Jump- Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
      Jump Up!- The Amazing Body
      Just Down the Road- Andrew Queen
      Lunchtime is Time to Eat- Jack Hartmann
      The Rinse and Spit Rap- The Amazing Body
      Safety Comes First- Music with Mar.
      Warm Up Time- John "Kinderman" Taylor
      Wash Up-  Music 4 Preschoolers™
      Washing Hands- Marilyn M. Linford
      What Do We Do to Keep Ourselves Clean?- Cathy Bollinger
      Why Do We Exercise?- Exercise Your Smarts

Biology & Zoology
      A Habitat Song- Learning by Song
      Adaptations- Musically Aligned
      Algae, Fungi, and Nonvascular Plants- Lyrical Learning
      Animal Groups- Gary Rosen
      Ants! Ants! Ants!- Intelli-tunes
      B-B-B Bugs- Intelli-Tunes
      Bacteria- Lyrical Learning
      Biomes- Lyrical Learning
      Bird Migration- Music, Movement & Magination
      Butterfly Quiet Down Song- Andrew Murray
      Butterfly Song- Andrew Murray
      Camouflage- Miss Jenny
      Defenseless Dinosaur- Stephanie Burton
      Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs- Stephanie Burton
      Ecology II- Lyrical Learning
      Feet, Feet!- Marla Lewis
      From a Seed Into a Tree (How Plants Grow)- Music, Movement & Magination
      Genetics- Lyrical Learning
      Habitat- Explore New Worlds
      Habitat- Bill Oliver
      Hibernation- Music, Movement & Magination
      Home Is a Habitat- Judy Leonard
      Laugh Ourselves Silly (Protective Animal Defenses)- Lucas Miller
      Mammals- Lyrical Learning
      Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary- Science Times with Nursery Rhymes
      Mother Nature’s Animal Magic Show- Judy Leonard
      One World (Environment)- Lucas Miller
      Plant and Animal Needs- Musically Aligned
      Plants and Animals- Miss Jenny
      Pollution- Kathleen Wiley
      Pretty Paper, Pretty Trees - Bill Oliver
      Spider or an Insect?- Intelli-Tunes
      Teeth- Musically Aligned
      Toothless Mamals- Lyrical Learning
      Undercover Creatures- Lauren Mayer
      Ungulates- Lyrical Learning
      Up All Night- Music, Movement & Magination
      Vascular Plants- Lyrical Learning

Earth and Physical Sciences
      The Cardinal Directions (North, South, East, West)- Intelli-Tunes
      Energy- Ken Whiteley
      E-VAP-O-RATE- Musically Aligned
      Force- Jack Hartmann
      Gravity- Miss Jenny
      Hickory Dickory Dock- Science Times with Nursery Rhymes
      It's a Volcano- Intelli-Tunes
      Jack and Jill- Science Times with Nursery Rhymes
      Keep Your World Clean- Marilyn M. Linford
      Let's Take Care of the Earth- Debbie Clement
      Little Miss Muffit- Science Times with Nursery Rhymes
      Longitude & Latitude- Kathleen Wiley
      The Longitude/Latitude Rap- Intelli-Tunes
      Matter Is Everywhere!- J.P. Taylor
      MOHS Rock Hardness Scale- Kathleen Wiley
      Physical Property Sense- Musically Aligned
      Sedimentary Metamorphic Igneous- Kathleen Wiley
      Sedimentary Rock- Marla Lewis
      Six Simple Machine Rap- Jack Hartmann
      That's the Earth (Earth’s Physical Features)- Music Movement & Magination
      Three States of Matter- Miss Jenny
      Water- Andy Z
      Water Cycle- Jack Hartmann
      Water Cycle Song- Jim Thompson
      What's the Matter?- Jack Hartmann
      Where Do I Live?- Intelli-Tunes

Planets, Solar System and Space
      3 2 1 Rocket Opera- Linn Brown
      Blast Off!- Stephanie Burton
      Family of the Sun- Foster Brown
      Galaxy Song- Andy Z
      Hey oh, Galileo- J.P. Taylor
      I'm the Moon- Kathleen Wiley
      Kepler Said- Professor Boggs
      Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon- Music, Movement & Magination
      More Stars to See!- Eve and Marie
      Our Solar System- Music Movement & Magination
      Outer Space- Jason Anderson
      Outer Space Rocks- Music, Movement & Magination
      Planet Jive- Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Planet Placement Dance- Music with Mar.
      Planets- Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
      Sky Objects- Musically Aligned
      Solar System- Musically Aligned
      Stars- Dorothy Zerbe

Weather & Meteorology
      Foggy Day- Listen & Learn
      It's a Cloudy Day- Intelli-Tunes
      Rainy Day- Listen & Learn
      Snowy Day- Listen & Learn
      Tornadoes- Intelli-Tunes
      What Will the Weather Be?- Miss Jenny
      Weather-  Music 4 Preschoolers™
      Weather Words- Intelli-Tunes
      Wonderful Wind- Intelli-Tunes

General Science Songs
      Nature of Science- Musically Aligned
      The Scientific Method- Lyrical Learning
      The Scientific Method Songs- Jack Hartmann
      Scientific Process- Jim Thompson

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Science Songs for Early
Childhood Music Products

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