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Animal Groups
Song About the Names of Animal Groups
Gary Rosen

This song is available on Gary Rosen's Pet Sounds.


Animal, animal groups 
Play together, stay together
Animal, animal groups 
Form a fine bunch, munch together at lunch.

Ants crawl in a Colony.
Bees buzz in a Swarm
Clams burrow in Bed to keep themselves warm.
Chicks cling to a Clutch.
Rabbits get Down. 
Monkeys tumble in a Troop. 
See ‘em clown around.
Geese go in a Gaggle
Gorillas bring a Band
But what’s a bunch of birds with their heads in the sand?
From January to December, they are a member of a Group.

Leopards look before they Leap.
Lions purr in a Pride.
Fish go to School as they swim in the tide.
Whales pick a Pod.
Wolves howl in a Pack.
Ducks do a Paddling. Quack, quack, quack, quack
Sheep bring forth a Flock.
Elks get a Gang
But what’s a bunch of dinosaurs who just wanna hang?
From Juraissic to Cretaceous, they were bodacious as a Group.

Horses have you Herd?
Hens lay a Brood.
Swans bring a Bevy if they’re in the mood.
Kangaroos rule in a Mob.
Oxen crack a Yoke.
Quails croon to a lovey dovey Covey. It’s no joke.
Lobsters fall for a Line.
Rhinos come in a Crash!!!!
But what’s a bunch of snails who run the 100-yard dash?
Dynamo! Bravissimo! 
All I know is they go SLOW! In a Group!

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Many thanks to Gary Rosen for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2004 Gary Rosen: Tiny Toes Music (ASCAP). All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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