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Longitude and Latitude
Song for Teaching Children about Longitude and Latitude
Kathleen Wiley

This song is available on Kathleen Wiley's Science Songs

I'm learning longitude and latitude, and this will be my attitude,
That I can learn just anything my teacher wants me to.
And learning longitude and latitude will fill me full of gratitude
Because then, I can navigate just like the sailors do!

I know that longitude goes up and down
And latitude goes 'round and 'round,
And if you're seeking one location look upon a globe.
But if a globe is not available
Then looking at a map will do
And you will find a kinship to the sailor and his crew.

We know that longitude runs north and south,
But measures east and west. We've found
That that's confusing, so we hope to learn this little rhyme.
We know that latitude runs east and west,
But measures north and south the best.
By using them we know that any place we then can find.

Reviewing: longitude runs up and down,
From south to north and north to south,
But if you want to travel north or south use latitude.
But if you travel east or travel west,
Then using longitude's the best,
And using latitude as steps your navigation's true!


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Many thanks to Kathleen Wiley for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Kathleen Wiley – Music for Kids© Series. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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