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Dinosaur Songs

Songs about Dinosaurs
(Not Just for Children!)

These Dinosaur Songs are available from a variety of albums:    

Dinosaur Songs
5 Huge Dinosaurs – Kiboomu Kids Songs
Awesome Fossils – Lauren Mayer 
Ballad of the Dinos – Music, Movement & Magination
Defenseless Dinosaurs – Stephanie Burton 
Diggin' in the Dirt (Fossils) – Joan Maute
Dino-Story – Katherine Dines
Dinosaur Boogie – Dr. Jean
Dinosaur Dance – Music with Mar.
Dinosaurs – Judy Caplin Ginsberg
The Dinosaur Song – Kathleen Wiley 
The Dinosaur Stomp – Jack Hartmann
The Dinosaur Stomp – Rachel Sumner
Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs – Stephanie Burton 
Dinosaurs Once Roamed The Earth – Miss Jenny
Dinosaur's Revenge – James Coffey
Dinosaurs to Dinner – Fran Avni
The Dinosaur Tango – Music, Movement & Magination
Dinosaur Valentine – Liz Buchanan
Dinosaurs Walked Upon the Land –Music, Movement & Magination
Five Big Dinosaurs – Jack Hartmann
I've Heard About Dinosaurs – Two of a Kind
I Went to a Party With Dinosaurs – Andy Z
Slow and Steady – Susan Harrison 
Songs About Dinosaurs – PC Treasures
Talkin' Dinosaur Blues – Joan Maute 
T-Rex – Liz Buchanan 
We Are The Dinosaurs – Two of a Kind
We're All Looking for a Dinosaur – Michael Mitchell
When Dinosaurs Lived on the Earth – Fran Avni 
What's Inside? / Will You Ever See A Dinosaur? – Music with Mar.

Other Prehistoric Animals
The Strangest Thing (Wooly Mammoth) – Fred Gee
Willy The Wooly Mammoth – Wayne Potash

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