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Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs
Dinosaur Song
Stephanie Burton

This song is available on Stephanie Burton's The Curiosity Shop.

Dinosaurs, dinosaurs, they lived millions of years ago,
Some were small; some were tall;
Some ate leaves, some ate meat;
But there aren’t any more of those dinosaurs.

Tyrannosaurs Rex was the meanest of all,
When he stood on his hind legs
He was two storys tall.
With long pointy teeth,
And two claws on each hand,
He would stomp, stomp, stomp,
All over the land.


Stegosaurus had plates on her back,
With the spikes on her tail
She could give quite a whack.
Pterodactyl could fly like a bird
It could make a noise like you’ve never heard!


Velociraptor was mean as could be;
It could make a meal out of both you and me.
Lucky for us, they’re no longer around,
Have no fear, you can sleep safe and sound.



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Many thanks to Stephanie Burton for permission
to display these lyrics and extension activites.
© Panda Bear Publications. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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