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Dinosaur Songs
Songs about Dinosaurs
(Not Just for Children!)

These Dinosaur Songs are available from a variety of albums:    

Dinosaur Songs
     Awesome Fossils– Lauren Mayer 
     Ballad of the Dinos– Music, Movement & Magination
     Defenseless Dinosaurs– Stephanie Burton 
     Diggin' in the Dirt (Fossils)– Joan Maute
     The Dinosaur Song– Kathleen Wiley 
     The Dinosaur Stomp– Jack Hartmann
     The Dinosaur Tango– Music, Movement & Magination
     Dinosaurs, Dinosaurs– Stephanie Burton 
     Dinosaur Valentine– Liz Buchanan
     Dinosaurs Walked Upon the Land–Music, Movement & Magination
     Five Big Dinosaurs– Jack Hartmann
     Slow and Steady– Susan Harrison 
     Songs About Dinosaurs– PC Treasures
     Talkin' Dinosaur Blues– Joan Maute 
     We're All Looking for a Dinosaur– Michael Mitchell
     When Dinosaurs Lived on the Earth– Fran Avni 
     What's Inside? / Will You Ever See A Dinosaur?– Music with Mar.

Prehistoric Animals
     The Strangest Thing (Wooly Mammoth)– Fred Gee

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