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Elementary Math Facts and Concepts

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Fractions
MathSong Lyrics

These elementary school math songs are available from a variety of albums:

Addition and Subtraction Songs
Add 1 More – Miss Jenny
Add At a Circus – Music with Mar.
Add It On – Jennifer Fixman
Add and Step On Ones Rap – Music with Mar.
The Add and Subtract Body Part Dance – Jack Hartmann
Adding and Subtracting Decimals – Jim Thompson
Adding and Subtracting with Decimals – Kathleen Wiley
Adding and Subtracting Vocabulary – Jim Thompson
Addition and Subtraction – MindMuzic
Addition/Subtraction Word Clues Song – Tim Pacific
Alligator 10 More (Adding 10 to Any Number) – Jennifer Fixman
Bluesy Subtraction – Music with Mar.
Bouncing Kangaroos Adding with Six – Music with Mar.
Climbing Ladybugs Adding with Nine – Music with Mar.
Count-Ons – Jeff Schroeder
Counting On – Miss Jenny
Double It Up – Jennifer Fixman
Doubles? No Trouble! (Addition of Doubles) – It All Adds Up
Doubles Plus One – Jeff Schroeder
Eight Jumping Adding Puppies – Music with Mar.
Fact Family – Music with Mar.
Family of Facts (Fact Families) – Carl M. Sherrill
Five Hopping Subtracting Frogs – Music with Mar.
Handful of Fingers – Ron Brown
It's A Party (Addition) – MindMuzic
It's A Party (Subtraction) – MindMuzic
Long Subtraction – Learning By Song/Barbara Speicher
Making 11 Through 20 – Jennifer Fixman
Numbers With a 1 – Listen & Learn
The One-Less-Penny Blues (Subtracting by One) – It All Adds Up
Solving "Real Life" Problems – Jeff Schroeder
Step Back: Counting Back to Subtract – Carl M. Sherrill
Stomp For Each Number – Music with Mar.
Subtract and Step On Ones Rap – Music with Mar.
Subtract Makes A Difference – Harry Guffee
Subtract with an Addition Fact – Jennifer Fixman
Subtraction – Jeff Schroeder
The 9 Rule – Jeff Schroeder
9, Be My Friend: Addition with 10-Frames – Carl M. Sherrill
Teens to Twenty – Music with Mar.
10 Silly Monkeys – Jack Hartmann
Ten Adding, Swinging Monkeys – Music with Mar.
Twelve Flying Subtracting Bees – Music with Mar.
Two Subtracting Marching Ants – Music with Mar.
When the Box is in the Front – Kathleen Wiley
When You're Adding Boxes – Kathleen Wiley
When You Are Subtracting – Learning Math by Song
You Carry Over – Arnold Rosenthal
Zero the Hero Exercise and Count – Jack Hartmann

Multiplication and Division Songs: Skip Counting and
    See also Multiplication & Division Songs

Bluesy Multiplication – Music with Mar.
Counting by 1, 2, 5 and 10 – Jennifer Fixman
Digital Root – Intelli-Tunes
Dividing with Decimals – Kathleen Wiley
Division – MindMuzic
Division Song – Learning Math by Song
Divisibility – Jim Thompson
Divisibility Rules 2-12 – Intelli-Tunes
Family of Facts (Fact Families) – Carl M. Sherrill
Hip-Hop Cool Multiplication Quiz – Jack Hartmann
Multiplication – MindMuzic
Multiplying Magic for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's – Learning by Song
Skip-Counting by 25 – Scott Goodman
Skip Counting Reggae Man – Music, Movement & Magination
Some Times Tables Song – Tim Pacific
The Switch (The Commutative Property of Multiplication) – Jack Hartmann
The Times Table Blues – Arnold Rosenthal
Turn It 'Round (The Commutative Property of Multiplication) – Carl M. Sherrill

Fractions & Decimals
Action Fraction – Hap Palmer
Adding & Subtracting Decimals – Jim Thompson
Alligator Fractions (Relative Values of Fractions) – Jennifer Fixman
A Fraction is Part of a Whole – Jennifer Fixman
Basic Fractions – MindMuzic
Beginning Fractions & Decimals DVD – Rock 'n Learn
Comparing Fractions – Bryan Johnson
Decimal Equivelent – Harry Guffee
Decimal Notation – MindMuzic
Equivelent Fractions – Intelli-Tunes
Fractions (1/2, 1/3 and 1/4) – Kathleen Wiley
Fractions Are Fine – Christina DeSanto
Improper Fractions – Intelli-Tunes
Invert & Multiply – Bryan Johnson
Least Common Denominators – Bryan Johnson
Line Up the Decimals – Bryan Johnson
Mixed to Improper Fractions – Intelli-Tunes
Multiplying Decimals – Bryan Johnson
Multiplying Decimals – Jim Thompson
Place Value with Decimals – Intelli-Tunes
Reciprocals: When the Product is 1 – Harry Guffee
Rules for Decimals – Christina DeSanto
The Funky Fractions Rap – Earth Tone Productions
Three Kinds of Fractions – Intelli-Tunes

Measurements & Metrics
Boogie Woogie Measurement – Math by Song
Cups, Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons and Gallons – Kathleen Wiley
Is It Shorter? (Relative Values of Measurement) – It All Adds Up
The Measurement Song - Centimeter, Millimeter, Inch, Foot, Yard & Mile -   Kathleen Wiley
The Measurement Song - Music with Mar.
The Measurement Song - Musical Recall
The Metric Song – Kathleen Carroll
Metric System – MindMuzic
The Metric System Rap – Earth Tone Productions
Use Metrics: Street Style – Math Rocks

Concepts of Patterns
Hand Clap Rap – Jack Hartmann
Number in the Middle – Jack Hartmann
It's Pattern Time – We Love Math with Miss Jenny
Jump for Numbers 0-10 (Numbers & Letters) – Ron Brown
Pattern Shout-Out – It All Adds Up
Sorting (Color, Size, Shape) – Ron Brown

Money, Currency, and Business
15 Cents – Scott Goodman
Buford and Bessie Go Shopping – Music, Movement & Magination
Business: What About All This Business? – Frank Bruen
Coin Song – Scott Goodman
Coins In a Dollar – Kathleen Wiley
Concept of Exchange – MindMuzic
Heads or Tails – Gary Rosen
It Starts with a Penny – Music with Mar.
Jobs: Getting Things Done – Frank Bruen
Money – We Love Math with Miss Jenny
Money – Ron Brown
Money 1¢ 5¢ 10¢ – Ron Brown
Money Counts –Music, Movement & Magination
Money in My Pocket – Marilyn M. Linford
Money! Money! – Ron Brown
The Money Game – Marla Lewis
Money: Money, Money – Frank Bruen
The One-Less-Penny Blues –Music, Movement & Magination
Profit: A Frog For Profit – Frank Bruen
Skip by Twenty Fives – Music, Math & Money
Trading: A Marigold For Company – Frank Bruen

Basic Geometry
Angles: Acute, Obtuse, Right – Intelli-Tunes
Area and Volume – MindMuzic
Area of a Triangle – Intelli-Tunes
Circle – Ron Brown
Crazy Polygon Shapes – Music, Movement & Magination
Flat and Solid Shapes – Miss Jenny
Geometry, Oh No! – Math Rocks
Graphs – Intelli-Tunes
Lines, Rays, Line Segments – Intelli-Tunes
Parallel Lines – Intelli-Tunes
Perimeter, Area, Volume – Learning Math by Song
Perimeter, Circumference, Area, Volume – Kathleen Wiley
Perpendicular Lines – Intelli-Tunes
Point, Line, Segment, Ray – Learning Math by Song
Shape Up – Jack Hartmann
Slopes on a Graph – MindMuzic
Solid Shapes – Miss Jenny
Trapezoid – Miss Jenny
Triangle – Ron Brown
We Know Our Shapes – Music with Mar.

Place Value
Columns – Arnold Rosenthal
Ones, Tens, Hundreds – Intelli-Tunes
Place Value Rap – Intelli-Tunes
Place Value Song – Michael Hradek
Place Value to Millions – Intelli-Tunes
What Place? – Learning Math by Song

Percents, Averages, & Probability
Converting Fractions to % – Intelli-Tunes
In All Probability – Harry Guffee
Mean - Median - Mode – MindMuzic
Mean, Mode, Median – Intelli-Tunes
Mode, Median, Mean, andRange – MusicLearn
Percent – Bryan Johnson
Percent – Intelli-Tunes
Probability – Intelli-Tunes
Ratios and Probabilities – MindMuzic

Telling Time, Days of the Week, Months of the Year
12 Months by the Numbers Song – Tim Pacific
Clock Rock – Listen and Learn
Days, Weeks, Months, Years – Kathleen Wiley
Morning, Afternoon, Evening – Ron Brown
Smell My Feet (The Time Song) – Tim Pacific
Tick Tock – Ron Brown

Greater Than, Less Than, Equivalent
Ant Comparisons – Miss Jenny
Learning the "Greater Than" and "Less Than" Signs
   Jennifer Fixman
Let's Compare Numbers – Music with Mar.

Prime Numbers
Prime Numbers – Kathleen Wiley
Prime Numbers – Intelli-Tunes
The Prime Numbers Song – Tim Pacific

PEMDAS - Order of Operations
Order of Operations – Jim Thompson
The Order of Operations (PEMDAS) – Math Rocks
PEDMAS (Order of Operations) – Intelli-Tunes

Miscellaneous Math Songs
Check Your Work – Professor Larry Lesser
Counting Time Collection – Rachel Rambach
Estimate – Intelli-Tunes
It's Time for Math! – Kathleen Wiley
Math Word Problems DVD – Rock 'n Learn
Name That Category – Miss Jenny
Rounding - Bump it Up or Down – Intelli-Tunes
Round it Off – Arnold Rosenthal
Solving Word Problems – Learning Math by Song

Math Musical Plays
Geometry: Polygons (10-Minute Mini) – Bad Wolf Press
Mastering Math: A Sherlock Holmes Problem Solving Mystery – Bad Wolf Press

Math Books
Journey to the Other Side – Carl Sherrill
Math Facts to the MAX! – Carl Sherrill
MatheMagical Showtime! – Carl Sherrill
RiddleMath – Carl Sherrill

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