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The Metric System Rap
Units of the Metric System
Earth Tone Enterprises

This song is available on Earth Tone's Mind Games

Musical Chorus:
Hey you, can you tell me about the metric system? 
Is it true that using metric's all right? 
Everybody all around the world is using the metric system 
So listen up boys and girls let's catch up with them 

Verse One: 
Length volume, capacity, mass, and the intensity that a light has. 
The metric system is your friend so use it time and time again 
Let's say you're taking a measurement, before you start to do it 
You've got to first determine the correct base unit

To measure length or distance the meter is real cool…

Musical Chorus

Verse Two:
l/100th of a meter is called a centimeter…

Kilometers are what we use to measure distance across the nation….

Musical Chorus

The metric system is so cool because it follows the decimal system

That means everything changes by multiples of 10 
Just like our numbers and our money…

Musical Chorus

Verse Three:
Down here on the earth at the level of the sea 
We refer to the mass of an object as its weight…

Capacity's how much a container holds, 
like a cup or the gas tank in a Rolls…

Spoken Summary

There are other units in the metric system, 
Like degrees…

So keep on learning, and remember the metric system's all right!

Musical Chorus



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Many thanks to Earth Tone Enterprises for permission to display these lyrics.
© Earth Tone Enterprises. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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