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Perimeter, Circumference, Area, Volume
Song For Teaching Math - Lyrics and Sound Clip
Kathleen Wiley

This song is available on Kathleen Wiley's Math: Sing Your Way to Easy Learning


Perimeter.... It takes the long way 'round.....
Because it measures...... till all the sides are found.....
So take the numbers.... then add them up or down....
And now you've got the perimeter....

All around the edge of something if you walk or if you're running...
Just add up the sides you see to get PERIMETER to be.

Circumference..... the distance 'round the earth......
Circumference measures a round object's girth.......
And here's the secret.... there's yet another word....
Circumference is a periphery.

To find circumference..... pi times diameter
Or two times pi, then times the radius
So pick your preference.. but just don't make a fuss..
'Cause both will find the circumference.

Now circumference we are doing its a circle for our viewing
We can just go 'round and 'round 'cause never is the end found.

The area..... well, when you measure it....
You just multiply the length times the width
So just remember..... that when you're measuring.....
That length times width equals area.

The area is found by multiplying length and width....keep on trying
So now you know it's fun to see what area will always be...

For volume..... it's length...times width...times height...
You just multiply them all to get it right...
When you need volume... well, just don't get uptight...
It's length.... times width.... times height.

The volume means what is contained
Inside containers....it's so plain
To see that length times width times height
Is what will make your answer right....

So when you measure make sure you're accurate
'Cause it's important.... to not get in a rut....
Of sloppy habits so just enjoy the
Pure pleasure of math measurements!!


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Many thanks to Kathleen Wiley for permission to publish these lyrics.
© Funtime Learning, Inc. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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