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Music that Teaches Elementary Math Facts and Concepts
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division and Fractions

Lyrics and Song Samples

These elementary school math songs are available from a variety of albums:

Addition and Subtraction Songs
      Add 1 More– Miss Jenny
      Add At a Circus– Music with Mar.
      Add It On– Jennifer Fixman
      Add and Step On Ones Rap– Music with Mar.
      The Add and Subtract Body Part Dance– Jack Hartmann
      Adding and Subtracting Decimals– Jim Thompson
      Adding and Subtracting with Decimals– Kathleen Wiley
      Adding and Subtracting Vocabulary– Jim Thompson
      Addition/Subtraction Word Clues Song– Tim Pacific
      Alligator 10 More (Adding 10 to Any Number)– Jennifer Fixman
      Bluesy Subtraction– Music with Mar.
      Bouncing Kangaroos Adding with Six– Music with Mar.
      Climbing Ladybugs Adding with Nine– Music with Mar.
      Count-Ons– Jeff Schroeder
      Counting On– Miss Jenny
      Double It Up– Jennifer Fixman
      Doubles? No Trouble! (Addition of Doubles)– It All Adds Up
      Doubles Plus One– Jeff Schroeder
      Eight Jumping Adding Puppies– Music with Mar.
      Fact Family– Music with Mar.
      Family of Facts (Fact Families)– Carl M. Sherrill
      Five Hopping Subtracting Frogs– Music with Mar.
      Handful of Fingers– Ron Brown
      Long Subtraction– Learning By Song/Barbara Speicher
      Making 11 Through 20– Jennifer Fixman
      Numbers With a 1– Listen & Learn
      The One-Less-Penny Blues (Subtracting by One)– It All Adds Up
      Solving "Real Life" Problems– Jeff Schroeder
      Step Back: Counting Back to Subtract– Carl M. Sherrill
      Stomp For Each Number– Music with Mar.
      Subtract and Step On Ones Rap– Music with Mar.
      Subtract with an Addition Fact– Jennifer Fixman
      Subtraction– Jeff Schroeder
      The 9 Rule– Jeff Schroeder
      9, Be My Friend: Addition with 10-Frames– Carl M. Sherrill
      Teens to Twenty– Music with Mar.
      10 Silly Monkeys– Jack Hartmann
      Ten Adding, Swinging Monkeys– Music with Mar.
      Twelve Flying Subtracting Bees– Music with Mar.
      Two Subtracting Marching Ants– Music with Mar.
      When the Box is in the Front– Kathleen Wiley
      When You're Adding Boxes– Kathleen Wiley
      When You Are Subtracting– Learning Math by Song
      You Carry Over– Arnold Rosenthal
      Zero the Hero Exercise and Count– Jack Hartmann

Multiplication and Division Songs: Skip Counting and
     Multiplication Tables Songs

      Bluesy Multiplication– Music with Mar.
      Counting by 1, 2, 5 and 10– Jennifer Fixman
      Dividing with Decimals– Kathleen Wiley
      Division Song– Learning Math by Song
      Divisibility– Jim Thompson
      Family of Facts (Fact Families)– Carl M. Sherrill
      Hip-Hop Cool Multiplication Quiz– Jack Hartmann
      Multiplying Magic for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's– Learning by Song
      Skip-Counting by 25– Scott Goodman
      Skip Counting Reggae Man – Music, Movement & Magination
      Some Times Tables Song– Tim Pacific
      The Switch (The Commutative Property of Multiplication)– Jack Hartmann
      The Times Table Blues– Arnold Rosenthal
      Turn It 'Round (The Commutative Property of Multiplication)
         – Carl M. Sherrill
      The One Times Table– Jack Hartmann
      2's, 2's, I Got a Beat for You (Multiplication Rap)– Earth Tone
      The 2 Times Table– Jack Hartmann
      Multiply and March by Two – Music with Mar.
      You Just Take Half: Dividing by 2– Carl M. Sherrill
      Multiplication Rap - 3X– Music with Mar.
      Waltz and Multiply by Three– Music with Mar.
      The Strangest Dream (Counting by 3s)– Carl M. Sherrill
      Lenore's 4s (Skip Counting by 4)– Carl M. Sherrill
      Counting by Fives (5)– Music with Mar.     
      Divide By a Dixie Beat (5) – Music with Mar.
      Exercise and Count by 5's– Jack Hartmann
      Ladybugs: Multiplying by 6– Carl M. Sherrill
      Multiplying Magic for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's– Learning by Song
      The 7 Times Tables– Kathleen Wiley
      Learn the 7's Right Now (Multiplication Rap)– Earth Tone
      Multiplying Magic for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's– Learning by Song
      Surf and Divide (7)- Music with Mar.
      Surf and Multiply By Seven- Music with Mar.
      Multiplying Magic for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's– Learning by Song
      Multiplying Magic for 6's, 7's, 8's and 9's– Learning by Song
      Disco Divide (10)– Music with Mar.
      Multiply by Ten– Jack Hartmann
      Zero the Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School– Jack Hartmann
      Cha Cha Multiply! By 11– Music with Mar.
      The Multiplying by 12 Salsa– Music with Mar.

      Action Fraction– Hap Palmer
      Alligator Fractions (Teaching the Relative Values of Fractions)
         Jennifer Fixman
      A Fraction is Part of a Whole– Jennifer Fixman
      Fractions (1/2, 1/3 and 1/4) – Kathleen Wiley
      The Funky Fractions Rap– Earth Tone Productions

      Boogie Woogie Measurement– Math by Song
      Cups, Pints, Quarts, Half Gallons and Gallons– Kathleen Wiley
      Is It Shorter? (Relative Values of Measurement)– It All Adds Up
      The Measurement Song - Centimeter, Millimeter, Inch, Foot, Yard and Mile-
         Kathleen Wiley
      The Measurement Song - Music with Mar.
      The Measurement Song - Musical Recall
      The Metric Song– Kathleen Carroll
      The Metric System Rap– Earth Tone Productions
      Use Metrics: Street Style– Math Rocks

Concepts of Patterns
      Hand Clap Rap– Jack Hartmann
      Number in the Middle– Jack Hartmann
      It's Pattern Time– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Jump for Numbers 0-10(Numbers & Letters) – Ron Brown
      The Pattern Shout-Out– It All Adds Up
      Sorting (Color, Size, Shape) – Ron Brown

Money, Currency, and Business
      15 Cents– Scott Goodman
      Business: What About All This Business?– Frank Bruen
      Coin Song– Scott Goodman
      Coins In a Dollar– Kathleen Wiley
      Heads or Tails– Gary Rosen
      It Starts with a Penny– Music with Mar.
      Jobs: Getting Things Done– Frank Bruen
      Money– We Love Math with Miss Jenny
      Money– Ron Brown
      Money 1¢ 5¢ 10¢– Ron Brown
      Money Counts– It All Adds Up
      Money! Money!– Ron Brown
      The Money Game– Marla Lewis
      Money: Money, Money– Frank Bruen
      The One-Less-Penny Blues– It All Adds Up
      Profit: A Frog For Profit– Frank Bruen
      Trading: A Marigold For Company– Frank Bruen

Basic Geometry
      Basic Shapes– School Art Theatre Productions
      Circle– Ron Brown
      Flat and Solid Shapes– Miss Jenny
      Geometry, Oh No!– Math Rocks
      Perimeter, Area, Volume– Learning Math by Song
      Perimeter, Circumference, Area, Volume– Kathleen Wiley
      Point, Line, Segment, Ray– Learning Math by Song
      Shape Up– Jack Hartmann
      Solid Shapes– Miss Jenny
      Trapezoid– Miss Jenny
      Triangle– Ron Brown
      We Know Our Shapes– Music with Mar.

Place Value
      Columns– Arnold Rosenthal
      What Place? – Learning Math by Song

Telling Time, Days of the Week, Months of the Year
      12 Months by the Numbers Song– Tim Pacific
      Clock Rock– Listen and Learn
      Days, Weeks, Months, Years– Kathleen Wiley
      Morning, Afternoon, Evening– Ron Brown
      Smell My Feet (The Time Song)– Tim Pacific
      Tick Tock– Ron Brown

Greater Than, Less Than, Equivalent
      Ant Comparisons– Miss Jenny
      Learning the "Greater Than" and "Less Than" Signs
         Jennifer Fixman
      Let's Compare Numbers– Music with Mar.

Prime Numbers
      Prime Numbers– Kathleen Wiley
      The Prime Numbers Song– Tim Pacific

PEMDAS - Order of Operations
      Order of Operations– Jim Thompson
      The Order of Operations (PEMDAS)– Math Rocks

Miscellaneous Math Songs
      Check Your Work– Professor Larry Lesser
      Counting Time Collection– Rachel Rambach
      It's Time for Math!– Kathleen Wiley
      Name That Category– Miss Jenny
      Round it Off– Arnold Rosenthal
      Solving Word Problems– Learning Math by Song

Math Musical Plays
      Geometry: Polygons(10-Minute Mini) – Ron Fink and John Heath

Math Books
      Math Facts to the MAX! – Carl Sherrill
      MatheMagical Showtime! – Carl Sherrill
      RiddleMath – Carl Sherrill

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