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The Immune and Lymph Systems
Teaching About the Body's Defense System
Lyrical Learning

This song is available on Lyrical Learning's Lyrical Life Science Volume 3: The Human Body

Immune system, with your lymph system
will your enemies attack
With the white blood cells, the leukocyte cells
that will destroy and turn them back

A germ is like a cucaracha
that would love to live inside ya
But white blood cells just won’t allow it
and when discovered will destroy it

Bacteria or germs, pester
Like with splinters when they fester
Your body calls on the white blood cells
just to help you in those sick spells


There’s several kinds of the white blood cells
Phagocyte with macrophage cells
Their enemies they love to eat ’em
Wherever they hunt as they meet ’em

The lymphocytes include the T-cells
Messengers to all the B-cells
B-cells can make the antibodies
That match and remember germ armies


The lymph is watery fluid
With white blood cells in a liquid
Bathing tissues, then as it flows
Gets purified in all the lymph nodes

Lymph system is a sewer system
For all the tissues cause it cleans ’em
It moves the waste into lymph vessels
That move with no pump but with muscles




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Many thanks to Lyrical Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2003 Lyrical Learning. All rights reserved.


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