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Ecology II
Song for Teaching About Ecology
Lyrical Learning

This song is available on Lyrical Learning's
Lyrical Life Science Volume 2: Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes

Plants make the food and they are producers
Animals that eat them are consumers
Eaters of dead things are scavengers
Bacteria-and fungi are decomposers

Ecologic'ly the energy flows
Round and again the cycle goes
From the sun to autotrophs
To interdependent heterotrophs

The plant-eaters are the herbivores
The meat-eaters are the carnivores
If they eat both then they're omnivores
And that is what you and I are, of course


Falling water is precipitation
Liquid to gas is evaporation
Which from a plant leaf is transpiration
And turning back to clouds is condensation


There're cycles involving nitrogen
Carbon dioxide and oxygen
Loose in the atmosphere and then
In soil, plants, animals and back again



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Many thanks to Lyrical Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2003 Lyrical Learning. All rights reserved.


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