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Space Theme Unit

Song suggestions for a classroom space theme unit.

The songs on this page are compiled from a variety of different artists and albums. We have grouped them together to help you narrow your search.

3 2 1 Rocket Opera - Linn Brown
A Spaceship for Two - Jim Thorne
Blast Off! - Stephanie Burton
The Countdown Song –Jim Thorne
Dogs in Outer Space –Wayne Potash
Energy - Ken Whiteley
Family of the Sun - Foster Brown
Galaxy Song - Andy Z
Hey oh, Galileo - J.P. Taylor
I'm the Moon - Kathleen Wiley
Kepler Said - Professor Boggs
The Little Bear - Jim Thorne
Matter Is Everywhere! - J.P. Taylor
Mr. Sun, Mr. Moon - Music, Movement & Magination
More Stars to See! - Eve and Marie
Our Solar System - Music, Movement & Magination
Outer Space - Jason Anderson
Outer Space Rocks - Music, Movement & Magination
Planet Jive - Tickle Tune Typhoon
Planet Placement Dance - Music with Mar.
Planets - Jeanne Nelson and Hector MarĂ­n
Sky Objects - Musically Aligned
The Robots Fly - Jim Thorne
Solar System - Musically Aligned
Stars - Dorothy Zerbe
The Stars Go By - Jim Thorne
To Follow Apollo –Jim Thorne
Voices from the Sky –Jim Thorne

Earth Science Songs - Musically Aligned
Science Songs 5 - Musically Aligned
Science Songs with Miss Jenny
Singin' Songs of Science Volume 2
The Solar System
- MMMKids
The Solar System- Mr. I & Gary Q
To Follow Apollo - Jim Thorne

Musical Plays & DVDs
Earth Science Video DVD
Vacation On Mars Musical Play

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