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Health, Hygiene and the Human Body

Songs that Teach Children About
Their Bodies, Healthy Habits, Fitness, and Illness
Food Nutrition songs

These healthy habits song lyrics are available from a variety of albums. Use these songs for teaching about brushing teeth, washing hands, good hygene, the human body, staying drug free, and staying fit.

Cleanliness & Hygiene (See our Everyday Routines Songs)
Baby Where Are You? – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Bath – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Bathtime Splish Splash – The Battersby Duo
The Clean And Happy Club – The Amazing Body
Hand Wash at the Car Wash – Caroline and Danny
Hand Washing Song – Jaycie Voorhees
Here’s What You Do Do and You Don’t Do
When You Go to Use the Bathroom– Jack Hartmann
I'm Keepin' Clean – Ron Brown
It's So Good To Be Clean – Music, Movement & Magination
Rub A Dub Dub – Preschool Rocks!
This Is the Way We Wash Our Hands – Listen and Learn
Wash Up – Music 4 Preschoolers™
Wash Your Hands – Miss Jenny
Wash Your Hands – Pam Minor
Wash Your Hands – Vincent Nunes
Wash Yourself – Music with Mar.
Washing Hands – Marilyn M. Lindford
What Do We Do To Keep Ourselves Clean? – Cathy Bollinger

Drug-Free Life - (See more Character Education Songs)
Abstinence, It Just Makes Sense – Healthy Start Publishing
Better Things to Do – Judy Pancoast
Drug Awareness – MindMuzic
Drug Free Hand Talk – Kinderman
Drug-Free…That’s Me! – Linda K. Williams
Drugs - Color Song – Kinderman
Drugs? No Never! – Mrs. Kate
Friends 1, 2, 3; All My Friends are Drug Free – Kinderman
I'm Just Happy to Be Me – Cathy Slonecki
I'm Very Glad You Came Today: Say No to Drugs – Kinderman
I Will Never Smoke – Uncle Brothers
Just Say No (to Drugs) – Uncle Brothers
Low-Down High – Linda K. Williams
Pledge to Live a Drug-Free Life – Music with Mar.
Peer Pressure – Music with Mar.
No Tobacco – Tickle Tune Typhoon
No Butts Tango - Teaching Children Not To Smoke – Music with Mar.
Real Life Doesn't Have a Rewind Button – Linda K. Williams
Say "No" to Drugs – Kinderman
There Are So Many Ways to Say "NO!" – Linda K. Williams
We Want Peace – Kinderman
Woe Is Me: Anti-Smoking Song – Two of a Kind

Exercise & Fitness (See more Physical Fitness Songs)
Ants in Your Pants (Exercise and Rest) – Caroline and Danny
Apache Exercising Song – Music, Movement & Magination
Cardio March – Exercise Your Smarts
Fitness Test – Exercise Your Smarts
Get Healthy! Get Happy – Johnny and the Raindrops
Heartbeat – Caroline and Danny
I Got a Wiggle – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Jump Up – Music, Movement & Magination
Let's Move – The Battersby Duo
My Body Makes Motion – Music, Movement & Magination
Things I Can Be! (stretching & yoga) – Music, Movement & Magination
Why Do We Exercise? – Exercise Your Smarts

The Five Senses
Don't Get The Senses Blues– Music, Movement & Magintion
Five Senses – Music with Mar.
Five Senses – Ron Brown
The Five Senses Song – Kiboomu Music
The Senses Boogie – Mark and Morgan Kasmer
Use Your Senses – Music, Movement & Magination
We've Got Five Senses – Music, Movement & Magination

Healthy Teeth & Gums
Brush Your Teeth – Caroline and Danny
Brush Your Teeth – Two of a Kind
Brush Your Teeth – Traditional Song Lyrics
The Loose Tooth Blues – Wendy Rollin
The Rinse And Spit Rap (Dental Hygiene) – The Amazing Body
Teeth – Prue Whoo
Tooth Rap – Ron Brown
Toothbrush Tune – Pam Minor
Wash Away All That Sugar! – Marla Lewis

The Human Body
Basic Anatomy – MindMuzic
Blood – Ron Brown
Bones – Ron Brown
Bones – Jennifer Fixman
Brains – Dennis Westphall
Brush It Off – Caroline and Danny
Boogie Woogie Bones – Exercise Your Smarts
Digestion – Ron Brown
Digestion – Jennifer Fixman
Dry Bones – Rachel Sumner
The Endocrine System – Lyrical Life Science
Fanfare for the Brain – Music with Mar.
Feet – Prue Whoo
Immune and Lymph Systems – Lyrical Life Science
Introduction to the Human Body – Lyrical Life Science
It's My Brain – Jennifer Fixman
Itchy, Itchy (Parts of the Body) – The Amazing Body
Muscles and Bones with Skin All Around – The Amazing Body
The Muscular System – Lyrical Life Science
My Body – Prue Whoo
My Body Belongs to Me – Lorraine Bayes
My Body: Internal Organs – Ron Brown
My Heart – Jennifer Fixman
My Thumb – Music with Mar.
Nerves – Jennifer Fixman
Ologies (The Study Of) – Lyrical Life Science
Pumping Up the Heart Beat – Healthy Start Publishing
The Red Blood Cell Rap – Jennifer Fixman
Skeletal Structure and Organs – MindMuzic
The Skeletal System – Lyrical Life Science
Three Body Systems – MindMuzic
Skin – Dennis Westphall
That's What They Taught Me At School – Stephanie Burton
Where Are My Muscles? – Exercise Your Smarts

Songs about Germs, Illness & Going to the Doctor
Achoo! – Rachel Rambach
Cough and Sneeze – Pam Minor
Doctor, Help Me Please – Jeanne Nelson and Hector Marín
Dr. Rixie from Dixie – Judy Pancoast
Germ Attack! – Caroline and Danny
Germs, Germs, Germs – Jennifer Fixman
Germ Song – Music, Movement & Magination
Got To Get A Shot – Judy Pancoast
I'm A Germ – The Battersby Duo
Meow, Meow, Achoo – Marsha Goodman-Wood
Nobody Likes Viruses and Germs – Marsha Goodman-Wood
Ragweed Blues – Two of a Kind
Semolina – Randy & Dave

Nutrition & Heathly Eating Songs (See more Food & Nutrition Songs)
Be Good To Your Body-Naturally – Colleen & Uncle Squaty
Eat Like a Rainbow – Jay Mankita
Eat, Sleep & Exercise Right – Music, Movement & Magination
Food Groups are Rockin' Tonight – Music, Movement & Magination
I Know a Smart Woman – Music with Mar.
I Will Eat All My Vegetables – Miss Jenny
Veggie Power – Erna Walker

Mental Health Songs
Social - Mental Health – MindMuzic

Musical Plays about Health & the Human Body
The Day the TV Broke: A Musical Play Promoting Exercise and Healthy Living – Andrea Moon
Dude, Where's My Lungs? – Bad Wolf Press
Name That Internal Organ:Bad Wolf's Guide to the Human Body – Bad Wolf Press
The Nutrition Show – Bad Wolf Press

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