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Fitness Test
Excercise Song For Teaching about Fitness Assessments
GeoFitness - Dr. Debby Mitchell
Performed by Music with Mar.

This song is available on GeoFitness' "Excercise Your Smarts"


Why take a fitness test, you might ask
To know where to improve and plan your tasks
The test is for you—you compete with yourself
Your main goal—improve your health

To measure your fitness level with a four‐part test
You can repeat to see your progress
Try this test to know your score
Then set your goals—know where to do more

A sit and reach shows flexibility in the back
It’s an easy test—give it a whack
Sit on the floor, legs in front of you
See how far you can reach toward your shoe

Use a ruler to calculate a score
Repeat more than once—try reaching more
Give it a try—sit and reach
Use correct form that I preach

First try—sitting tall
Now your reach—give it your all
Stretch and reach—reach some more
Down to the inch—see your score

Now press pause, record your best score
Press play when ready to do some more

For muscular strength—get in pushup position
From your toes or your knees—that is the tradition
Touch your shoulder with one hand—then you switch
Do as many as you can without a hitch

Test your strength in your arms and chest
Give it a try—do your best
Perform for 30 seconds—count each time you touch
Don’t you worry—if you can’t do much

Lyrics continued...
A copy of the complete lyrics are included with this download.

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Many thanks to Dr. Debby Mitchell for permission to display these lyrics.
© GeoFitness. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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