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Teaching Children Not To Smoke
The "No Butts Tango"
Maryann "Mar." Harman

This song is available Mar Harman's "Keep Safety Roo-Teen."

When someone asks you to smoke
Say “No thank you. Don’t want to choke”
It could kill you. This is no joke
No butts about it, please don’t smoke

Smoke goes out into the air
Hurts lungs of people everywhere
About your body you should care
No butts about it, please don’t smoke

It makes your mouth taste awful
Gives breath a very bad smell
It makes your teeth turn yellow
It turns your lungs black as well

So when someone says smoking’s cool
Remember lungs are a breathing tool
Keep in mind this healthy rule
No butts about it; please don’t smoke



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Many thanks to Mar. Harman for permission to display these lyrics.
© Mar. Harman, BMI. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

Safety Song Lyrics

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