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Safety Songs
Children's Songs and Chants that Teach Safe Habits

Add some light-hearted music to your classroom while introducing the serious subject of Safety.  Whether you need educational music for teaching about safety from fire, bulies or strangers, you'll find a varied selection below. These Safety Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

These safety songs are available from a variety of albums:    

Safety from Hazards: Fire, Animals, Bicycles, Water
     and the Use of Seatbelts

      911– Music with Mar.
      911: Only for Emergencies– Ron Brown
      Accident-Free– Music with Mar.
      Bicycle Safety– John Buchanan
      Bicycle, Bicycle, Tricycle, Trike– Prue Whoo
      The Car Seat Song– Music with Mar.
      Field Trip Safety Song– Music with Mar.
      The Firefighters– Ron Brown
      Get Out, Get In, Get Down (Tornado Safety Song)– Joan Maute, Ed.D.
      Halloween Safety Tips– John Buchanan
      I Beg Your Pardon Sir– Prue Whoo
      I Put My Helmet On– Music with Mar.
      Let's Buckle Up For Safety– Brenda Edwards
      Meet Me at the Tree– Futoro's Fire Safety
      Peer Pressure– Music with Mar.
      Riding My Bike– Listen & Learn
      Roller Skating's Fun – Music with Mar.
      Safety Comes First– Listen and Learn
      Safety With a Strange Dog– John Buchanan
      Sea Life Shuffle – Music with Mar.
      Seatbelt Safety– John Buchanan
      Stop, Drop, Rock and Roll – Caroline and Danny
      Stop, Drop and Roll & Go– Music with Mar.
      Street Smarts – Caroline and Danny
      Traffic Signs – Andrew Germain's Life Skills
      Two Ways Out– Futoro's Fire Safety
      Vacation– Music with Mar.
      Water Safety– John Buchanan
      What To Do If There's A Fire– John Buchanan

Safety from Bullies, Abductors and Strangers
      Alli the Alligator Has a Big Mouth (Call for Help)– Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety
      Be a Friend – Don’t Be a Bully– Jack Hartmann
      Be Safe: Stay Away From Strangers– John Buchanan
      I Said "No!"– Music with Mar.
      It's OK to Tell– Music with Mar.
      Leaper the Frog(Get Away!)– Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety
      My Address– Listen and Learn
      My Body Belongs to Me– Lorraine Bayes
      Playgrounds– Music with Mar.
      Stop Bullying Now– Jack Hartmann
      Stranger Danger– Healthy Start Publishing
      Twister (Self-Defense Encouragement)– Kidini Bully Prevention and Child Safety
      You'd Better Run– Colleen & Uncle Squaty

Healthy & Safe Habits: Living a Drug & Tobacco Free Life
      Drug-Free…That’s Me!– Linda K. Williams
      Low-Down High– Linda K. Williams
      No Butts Tango - Teaching Children Not To Smoke – Music with Mar.
      No Tobacco– Tickle Tune Typhoon
      Pledge to Lead a Drug-Free Life – Music with Mar.
      There are So Many Ways to Say "NO!"– Linda K. Williams
      Ways to Say "No"– Todd Werner


See also: Fire Safety Songs and Anti-Bullying Songs

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