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One World
Encouraging Respect for Our Environment
Lucas Miller

This song is available on Lucas Miller's There's a Chicken on My Head!

     Here’s a joyful anthem for this beautiful planet.  This song offers hope for our future and encouragement to live with care and respect for the natural world AND each other.   --  Lucas Miller

There's just one world
We've got to share it
There's just one world
Try to cherish it
Just one world--live upon it with care

There are many mountains
Many valleys
Many rivers that sing
Many forests
But please remember this one thing:


There are many turtles
Many lions
Many eagles on the wing
Many fishes
But please remember this one thing:


There are many people
Many faces
Many blessings do they bring
Many voices
All of them together they sing:


If you will walk here with care and respect
And your share of kindness, too
This world will take care of you
Your world will be kind to you-that much is true




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Many thanks to Lucas Miller for permission to display these lyrics.
© John Lucas Miller. All rights reserved. Used with permission.



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