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Song for Teaching About Hoofed Animals
Lyrical Learning

This song is available on Lyrical Learning's
Lyrical Life Science Volume 2: Mammals, Ecology, and Biomes

Two orders to know
You can tell by their toe
Having hoofs which can help them run well
They run on all fours
And they are herbivores
Known as ungulates or hoofed mammals

Oh, at home on the range
The grasslands where the hoofed mammals graze
When they run in a herd
They are much more secure
From becoming some carnivores' prey

The ungulates can
Be important to man
After years of domestication
They help to provide,
Clothes from their fur and hide
Meat, milk, and transportation

Oh, at home on the range
The grasslands where the hoofed mammals graze
They're cursorial,
Which means that they run well
To escape being carnivores' prey

The zebra and horse
And the donkey of course
One-toed animals no one forgets
The kinds with three toes
The tapirs and rhinos
Are the odd-numbered toed ungulates


The order that's left
All have hoofs that are cleft
Two or four toes and there's many kinds
Sheep, cattle and goat
Pronghorn, elk, antelope
Giraffe, camel, deer, hippo, and swine

The difference between
Horns and antlers is seen
Every year when the antlers are shed
For horns do not fall
But are part of the skull
And remain on the animal's head



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Many thanks to Lyrical Learning for permission to display these lyrics.
© 2003 Lyrical Learning. All rights reserved.


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