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Track Detective
Teaching the Characteristics of Animals
Jeff Wolin

This song is available on Jeff Wolin's In Your Backyard.

Do you like wild animals?
Do you wanna know where they live?
Well, if you want to know where the animals go
Than I have some advice to give
You see, I’m a track detective, I’m trackin’ animals all the time
And if you want to know where the critters all go
Well, you'd better get yourself outside

And we’ll track track track in the mud
Track track track in the sand
Track track track in the snow
Then we’ll know where the critters go!
Oooh, oooh, ooh do da dada do da Track Detective
Oooh oooh, ooh do da dada do da Track Detective

Animals leave clues behind, like footprints feathers and trails
There’s a nest in a tree, a chewed-up leaf
Some snake has shed its scales
We’re gonna prowl like the wise old owl
Observing and always aware
We’ll move without a sound, look around up and down
And the animals won’t know were there


We'll learn to see what the animals see
And move like the animals move
You’ll be a track detective so you’ll all have the clues
And you’ll know that it’s easy to do



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Many thanks to Jeff Wolin for permission to display these lyrics.
© Blue Cricket Songs. All rights reserved. Used with permission.






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