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Barnyard Boogie
Animal Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Desquaw Woody (Brian Schellinger)

This song is available on Colleen & Uncle Squaty's Sing-A-Move-A-Dance

Well, the cat said to the cow, “I’m really thirsty now. 
I been out all night, some warm milk would be nice.”
And then the cow said as smooth as silk, “I haven’t made any milk.
‘Cuz I been shakin’ my tail all day, just swattin’ the flies.”
Shake that tail shake!  Shake that tail shake!
Shake that tail shake, to the Barnyard Boogie!

Now the dog said to the horse, “Oh won’t you run with me outdoors?
Everybody says we’re so fast, we should run a race.”
And then the horse shuffled his feet and he smiled with missin’ teeth,
‘cuz he ran so fast, he fell right on his face.
Run those legs run!  Run those legs run!
Run those legs run, to the Barnyard Boogie!

Now the rooster said to the hen, “I’m gonna sing my song again.
I’m gonna flap my wings up and down the hollow.”
“Well you can cock-a-doodle-doo, but you gotta keep it cool.
And you better not wake me up until tomorrow!”
Flap those wings flap!  Flap those wings flap!
Flap those wings flap, to the Barnyard Boogie!  (Now listen.)

The man who owned the farm had to build a brand new barn,
to keep the barnyard animals warm in the winter.
And he woulda done it all by himself, but all the barnyard animals helped.
And when the barn was built they all had a party in there.
Everybody danced!  Everybody danced!
Everybody danced to the Barnyard Boogie!
Shake that tail shake!  Run those legs run!
Flap those wings flap, to the Barnyard Boogie!

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Many thanks to Colleen & Uncle Squaty for permission to display these lyrics.
© Colleen & Uncle Squaty. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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