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Animal Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Diana Colson

This song is available on Diana Colson's African SongAlongs

How long does it take a giraffe to laugh?
     Well, it takes him a long, long time.
He thinks something’s funny in his little head,
     And the thought travels down his spine.

It travels down his long, long neck,
     It travels for a year.
When it gets to his laugh machine,
     You won’t be there to hear it!
How long does it take a giraffe to laugh?
     Forever, I suspect!
So save your jokes for other folks,
     Who don’t have long, long necks!



Song for Teaching About Animals to Children and Older ESL Learners.


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Many thanks to Diana Colson for permission to display these lyrics.
© Diana Colson. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

Animal Song Lyrics

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