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Pony Ride
Animal Pet Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Desquaw Wood (Brian Schellinger)     

This song is available on Colleen & Uncle Squaty's Rumble To the Bottom

Once I had me a pony.
His tail was long and his belly was wide.
He had one leg shorter than the others.
When we’d ride, we’d bounce from side to side.

Yodel ay hee heh heh heh.
Yodel odel odel eidel odel odel eidel odel ay hee
Yodel ay hee heh heh heh. Yodel ay hee oo hoo ooo.

One day I took my pony riding.
I didn’t know he had a cold and a cough.
He started into wheezin’ and a sneezin’.
The he coughed so hard my pony coughed me off.


This is the way the ladies ride, Prim, prim, prim, prim.
This is the way the gentlemen ride, Trim, trim, trim, trim.
This is the way the huntsmen ride.
A-gallop, a-gallop, a-gallop, a-gallop.
This is the way the plowboys ride.
Hobbledee gee, Hobbledee gee.
This is the way the babies ride.
Bouncy, bouncy, bouncy.

And when my pony ride was over.
I took off his saddle and I walked him around.
My pony was thirsty, tired and hungry.
He drank and ate and then he just laid down.


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Many thanks to Colleen & Uncle Squaty for permission to display these lyrics.
© Colleen & Uncle Squaty. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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