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Tweet Tweet Little Birdy

Margie La Bella

This song is available on Margie La Bella's Mixing It Up!

The birdy sings (repeat)
She shakes her wings (likewise)  

Open and close hand in front of

She wiggles her tail.
She can swing.

Bend arms at elbow and shake them.
Wiggle. Do a swing dance motion.
Tweet tweet tweet little birdy.
Tweet tweet tweet little birdy.
Tweet tweet tweet little birdy.
Little birdy. Tweet tweet.

Sing it out strong and/or clap on the
Word “tweet” and flap your arms on
The word “birdy.”
She flies up high. She flies down low.

Motion likewise.
She turns around.
Where did she go? (I don’t know.)

Hold up hands to gesture “where?”
She makes a nest... She lays an egg.

Pretend to build a nest and sit down.
She keeps it warm...
with her feathers and her legs.

Point to arms and legs.
The eggs all hatch... out the birdies come.
A birdy batch...dancin’ in the sun.

Curl up on the floor as tightly as you can. Break out of your shell. Dance!
She found some worms...
She had good luck.
The birdies say “yummmm”
but you kids say “yuck!”
Reach down to floor and find a pretend worm. Rub tummy, lick lips,
and then make a “yuck face.”  


Vocalization, listening comprehension, pretending/abstracting.  Older children can immediately echo each phrase during the short pause. This helps to develop sentence length and related memory.

Other Uses:
Try having the children take turns singing into a (toy) microphone. Everybody joins in for  the chorus. Here is an example: CD: “The birdy sings.” Child(ren:) “The  birdy sings.” She shakes her wings- “she shakes her wings.” This song can also be  used to help children visually track and/or reach out to birdy toys and puppets.


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Many thanks to Margie La Bella for permission to display these lyric excerpts.
© Margie La Bella. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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