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Whales, Whales, Whales
Animal Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Fred Gee

This song is available on Fred Gee's Animal Songs From Fred Gee

Written By Fred Gee with Mrs. Ainley’s 1989/90 Grade 4 Class
Middleville, School, Middleville, NY

What breathes air and lives in the sea
What is intelligent like you and me
What lives in pods but has a big tail
You know what we’re talking about
We’re talking ‘bout whales.

Whales, whales, whales there are so many kinds
Whales, whales, whales in the ocean you’ll find
Whales, whales, whales blow your holes for me
All you whales we must let you be.

What’s the largest mammal that the world’s ever seen
It weighs a hundred tons and is called a baleen
It’s blue and we know it’s endangered too
It’s a whale with a nickname
And the nickname’s “Big Blue”.


What whale is twelve feet and colored milk white
It’s small, it has teeth, and it can really bite
It swims in the Arctic, baby sister calls it “bwooga’
But we all know better
We call it a beluga.


What whales has large teeth and hunts in packs
It’s got a white belly and a shiny black back
The dorsal fin is huge and it likes to eat
It’s called the killer whale
‘Cause it kills for meat.


What whales is small and is solid gray
It lives in schools but it likes to play
It can dance on its tail and jumps high in the air
It’s known as a dolphin almost everywhere.


What big whale has a real small chin
It lives in open water on its back there’s no fin
It’s got a square nose that is big and firm
It’s the largest whale with teeth
And it’s called the sperm



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Many thanks to Fred Gee for permission to display these lyrics.
© Clear Horizons Music. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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