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Wish I Had a Pet
Children's Song About Pets
Dianne Baker


This song is available on Dianne Baker's Pet Songs

Wish I had a pet I could call my own___
I wish I had a pet that would always stay at home!

Had a pet frog, he jumped and jumped
He jumped so high that he reached the sky
Had a pet pig, his name was Jud
He was so dirty we lost him in the mud.

Had a pet dog..his name was Fred
Every time I called him..he stood on his head!
Had a pet worm- he didn't like the light
He wiggled and wiggled - right out of sight!

Had a pet cat ..the cat chased a rat.
The rat turned around and the cat did scat!
Had a pet duck ...quack, quack, quack
One day he followed a boy named Jack!

Had a pet bee ...her name was Loddy Lee
She got her stinger stuck in an ole apple tree.
Had a buffalo____ he was too s-l-o-w.
That poor buffalo had to go.

Had a pet pony, his name was Tony.
He followed a man with a piece of bologna!
Had a guinea pig- she liked to do the jig.
She danced so hard that she lost her wig.

Had a elephant - his name was Flip.
He packed his trunk and left on a trip
Had a pet snake - his name was Jake.
He wiggled right into my birthday cake!

Final Refrain:
Wish I had a pet I could call my own___
I wish I had a pet that would always______ stay at home!

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Many thanks to Dianne Baker for permission to display these lyrics.
© Dianne Baker. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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