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Mindfulness Songs

Songs to Help Bring One's Focus to the Present Moment

“Mindfulness is about learning to train your attention to the present moment without dwelling on what has happened in the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness provides many physical and psychological benefits.

A study on a mindfulness program for vulnerable children found that mindfulness improved emotion regulation, mood, empathy, confidence and self-esteem, coping and social skills, and ability to pay attention and focus (Coholic & Eys, 2016).

Mindfulness - Full Albums/Lesson Materials
Calm Down Boogie–Betsy Rose
Feeling Positive – Growng Sound
Here, Now, Know-How – Growng Sound
Mindful Youth Project – Dr. Jeremy Jensen
My Mindful Music – Music with Mar.
New Day – Growing Sound
Passions – Force for Good/Jonathan Sprout
Quiet Time – Blue Chair
Songs of Resilience –Growing Sound

These songs are available from a variety of albums, some include lesson materials:

60 Beats Per Minute Brain Builders – Jack Hartmann
Ah! Breathe – Music with Mar.
Be – Growing Sound
Breathe –Lauren Mayer
Breathe In Breathe Out–Betsy Rose
Calm Down–Kari Thomas Kovak
Calm Down Cat – Mindful Youth Project
Everyone Needs to Rest – Jack Hartmann
Freeze – Mindful Youth Project
Gentle Hands – Music with Mar.
Hello Body – Mindful Youth Project
I Am Breathing–Betsy Rose
I Stay Peaceful and Calm – Growing Sound
Kohola Dreams – Tria - Music Leaf Hawaii
Leaves – Patricia Ahn
Little Boat – Patricia Ahn
Magical Nap Mat – Music with Mar.
Mr. Hummingbird – Mindful Youth Project
My Mind Is A Clear Blue Sky–Betsy Rose
One Quiet Moment – Mindful Youth Project
Planxty Hugh O'Donnel – Timmy Abell
The Quiet Me – Music with Mar.
Relax Ah! – Music with Mar.
Relax and Let us Rest A Bit – Bobby Susser
Rest Awhile – Bobby Susser
Rounded Glass Jig – Timmy Abell
Saba il Xheer – Stuart Stotts
Safe Here – Grin Brigade
Smell the Flower, Blow the Candle Out – Growing Sound
Song of the Wind – Kare Strong
Time to Rest – Beth & Scott
That Relaxes Me – Music with Mar.
Watch Listen Feel – Growing Sound

Yoga and Stretching

Things I Can Be – Music Movement & Magination
Morning Stretch – Dr. Jean
Stretchin' – Stephen Fite
Stretch Your Arms Way Out – Bobby Susser
Yoga Pose – Music with Mar.

Book Suggestions:

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