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Songs That Build Positive Attitudes and Self-Esteem

...and teach children to deal with adversity.

Celebrate Positive Attitudes!
Whether you need educational music about how to be optimistic, building self-esteem or dealing with adversity, you'll find a varied selection below. These Positive Attitude Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

These positive attitude song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

An Upbeat Attitude
A Bright Tomorrow – Rock Solid Kids
All You Need Is Love – Vivi Melody & Family
America’s Future – John "Kinderman" Taylor
Brand New Day Stephen Fite
'Cause I Love It – Growing Sound
Celebrate – Debbie Clement
Celebrate the Children – Mrs. Music
Champions – Debbie Clement
Chasing My Dream – Jack Hartmann
Crazy With Happiness – Grin Brigade
Endurance – Jan Nigro
Feelin' Groovy – Stephen Fite
Feeling Positive – Growing Sound
Feel the Power – Judy Leonard
Fill the World With Songs – Bobby Susser
For Every Child, A Better World – Grin Brigade
Give Me A Smile - Mrs. Kate
Have Some Fun Today - Stephen Fite
Hero - Caroline and Danny
Hope Is In The Air – Bobby Susser
I'm Like a Duck – Kathleen Wiley
I Believe – Jack Hartmann
I Can Do That! – Jack Hartmann
I Feel Good – Catherine Slonecki, M. S.
I Am Good Enough – Steve Couch
I am Smart and I am Happy – Kathleen Wiley
I’ll Picture Myself Succeeding – Linda K. Williams
I'm Terrific!!! – Kathleen Wiley
I'm Wishing – Donna & Andy
It's a Great Feeling – Joyce Paultre
It's All About Koo Koo – Judy Pancoast
I've Got the Tools that I Need to Succeed – Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
H-A-P-P-Y – Music with Mar.
Just A Little Seed - I've Got Potential - Liz Buchanan
Jamaica Louise James - Sam Jones
Jolly Parade - Grin Brigade
Keep A Little Light - Gemini
Kids Are The Future - Skip West
Let It Shine Everywhere, Everyone – Jim Rule
Life on a Trampoline – Randy & Dave
Listen To Those in Authority – Sharon Luanne Rivera
Little Cheerleader – Judy Pacoast
Little Things– Street Smarts
Looking For The Good – Lauren Mayer
Look What I Did This Morning – Dr. Thomas Moore
Low-Down High– Linda K. Williams
Make A Difference – Marilyn M. Linford
No Matter How Small - Dave Kinnoin
No One Like Me– Pam Minor
One Person at a Time – Andrew Murray
O-P-T-I-M-I-S-T-I-C – Growing Sound
Positive Power – Jack Hartmann
Real Life Doesn't Have a Rewind Button– Linda K. Williams
Say "I Can" – Music with Mar.
School Song – Kathleen Wiley
Sing Yourself a Happy Song – Stephen Fite
Sí, se puede! You Can Do It! – Jim Rule
Sharing the Journey – Dianne Baker
Shine Out – Dennis Westphall
Slow and Steady – Prue Whoo
Time is a Gift – Mrs. Kate
Tim Turtle, No One's Happier Than He – Dianne Baker
Twinkle Twinkle – Amy Michelle & Friends
We Can All Get Along – Fred Gee  
When I Dare to Dream –Grin Brigade
Who's In Charge of Me? -- I Am! – Rock Solid Kids
Wonderful Day – Stephen Fite
You're Wonderful – Debbie Clement
You've Got Potential – Marla Lewis and Les Julian  

Problem-Solving and Dealing With Adversity
At the Great Ball Game – Sam Jones
The Best That I Can – Gary Rosen, Bill Shontz and George Storey
Brighter Days – Bobby Susser
Building Bridges Today – Bobby Susser
Cooperative Learning Song – Linda K. Williams
Conflict Resolution Helps You Find the Very Best Solution – Ben Stiefel
Count to Ten! – Jim Rule
The Dinosaur Song – Kathleen Wiley
The Disaster Song – Fran Avni
Don't Judge Them – Paulette Meier
Everybody Has a Story – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Everyone Is Differently Abled – Tickle Tune Typhoon
Heart to Heart - Two of a Kind
I Can Problem-Solve – Todd Werner
I Can Say "NO"! – Caring and Capable Kids
I Did Something for Peace Today – Carol Johnson
I Don't Give Up – Steve Couch
I Think I Can – Mrs. Kate
If I Make a Misteak (If I Make a Mistake) – Jim Rule
If You're Angry and You Know It – Jack Hartmann
It Was A Mistake – Jan Nigro
It's Us Against the Problem, Not Me Against You – Linda K. Williams
The Me Inside – Grin Brigade
Mistakes - Caroline and Danny
Moses Goes To A Concert - Sam Jones
Never Give Up - Craig A. Thompson
Pitfalls - Two of a Kind
Open the Fear Door – Rock Solid Kids
Showing Respect - That's the Key – Ben Stiefel
Some Rights In This World – Jan Nigro
The Sun Always Shines – Growing Sound
Talk It Out - Two of a Kind
Teaspoon At A Time - Dave Kinnoin
Things Are Going To Get Better – Growing Sound
Try Again – Ken Whiteley
What Should I Do? – Caring and Capable Kids
When I'm Strong - Two of a Kind
Wipe It Away – Growing Sound

Accepting our Emotions, Learning our Strengths and Building Self-Esteem  
A Hug – The W.L.A. Children's Choir
Believe in Yourself – Marilyn M. Linford
Best Friends – The W.L.A. Children's Choir
Cheer Up Song – Barbara Klaskin Silberg
Connected, Unique and Powerful – Linda K. Williams
Emotion– Songs For Speech and Language Skills
Emotion - Emoción (BILINGUAL)– Growing Sound
Express Yourself – Jan Nigro
Feelin' Blue – Grin Brigade
Handle With Care – Caring and Capable Kids
I Get Angry - Me Enojo (BILINGUAL)– Growing Sound
I’ll Stand Up for Myself – Linda K. Williams
I've Got Feelings – Peace Pals
I’ve Got to Talk to Them – Linda K. Williams
If You're Angry and You Know It – Jack Hartmann
It's OK To Be Different – Prue Whoo
Mr. Tall, Short, Wide & Slim – Prue Whoo
My Song - Dave Kinnoin
No One Is A Nobody – Caring and Capable Kids
No Whining – Vivi Melody & Family
Power in Me and You – Growing Sound
Show Me How You Feel – Jack Hartmann  
Street Smarts - Caroline and Danny
Talking 'bout a Put-Down - Jan Nigro
That Is a Mighty Power - Jan Nigro
These Are the Rules - School Art Theatre Productions     
We All Have Feelings – Margie La Bella
We're All Different and We're the Same – Jack Hartmann
What If That Were Me – Andrew Murray
When I Get Mad – Two of a Kind
Whine, Whine, Whine – Mrs. Kate
Who I Am Makes A Difference – Caring and Capable Kids
The Wigglies – Peace Pals
Words – Tickle Tune Typhoon    

Self-Esteem Songs for Young Children
Big Things Come in Small Packages – Jim Rule
Glad I am Just Me – Amy Michelle & Friends
Hand Talk – John "Kinderman" Taylor
Here, Now Know-How – Growing Sound
I Like The Me I See – Culture Queen
I'm A Tower of Royal Power – Culture Queen
I'm Just Happy to be Me – Catherine Slonecki, M. S.
I'm Trying Hard - Mary Flynn
It Doesn't Matter If You're Little - Prue Whoo
Look At Me – Marilyn M. Linford
That's Just Exactly What I Like About Me – Catherine Slonecki, M. S.

Musical Plays That Teach Social Skills/Character Education
Bullies AnonymousRon Fink and John Heath
Character Matters
Ron Fink and John Heath
Character Matters II
Ron Fink and John Heath
Conflict Resolution Helps You Find the Very Best Solution
Ben Stiefel 
The Day the TV Broke (Promoting Exercise and Healthy Living)
Andrea Moon 
The Magical, Musical, Amazingly Beautiful Pencil!
Ben Stiefel 
Munchkin Mediation – Ron Fink and John Heath

Rock Solid Kids
Keith Hafner & Laszlo Slomovits
Showing Respect – That’s the Key
Ben Stiefel

Inspirational Songs        
Building Our World – Joe Crone
Dandelion – Growing Sound
How Good It Feels - Dave Kinnoin
Family Feeling – Jan Nigro
My Coat of Many Colors – Hank Fellows
New Day Dawning – Hank Fellows
Take My Hand – Hank Fellows
Teachers Plan and Observe – Barbara Klaskin Silberg - The W.L.A. Children's Choir
The Thankful Song – Marilyn M. Linford
That is a Mighty Power – Jan Nigro
We Can Move the World – Joe Crone (Recommended for Graduation Ceremonies)
With These Hands – Jan Nigro

Inspirational Songs with Religious Themes
(Appropriate for Most Religious Faiths)

God Protect the Children – Hank Fellows
Good-Bye Means "God Be With You – Jim Rule
Gratitude is an Attitude – Jim Rule
Halfway to Heaven (A 9/11 Tribute) – Hank Fellows
Heart of Wisdom – Mrs. Kate
He Opens a Window – Jim Rule
Serve the Lord with Joy – Jim Rule

The Tree of Life – Hank Fellows

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