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Wonderful Day

Transition Song for Young Children
Stephen Fite

This song is available on Stephen Fite's Cool to Be In School.

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I’d like to share a melody with you - “just a little song”
A little song to help us end our day
All you need to do is sing each line after me
And when we’re done we’ll be on our way  -  “out the door mon”

Won’t you come along
Join me in the song
Time to say so long
It’s been a wonderful day
When you sing this way
It takes your cares away
I’m so happy to say
It’s been a wonderful day

I’d like to share another day with you – “with bright sunny skies”
With sunny skies and no sign of rain
All we need to do is sing this melody
And just remember this reggae game


It’s been great to share this time with you
This day is growing old but tomorrow will be so new



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Many thanks to Stephen Fite for permission to display these lyrics.
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