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School Songs for Children

Kids' Songs about School

These school song lyrics are available from a variety of albums:

Custom School Songs & Anthemsby Dan Crow

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100th Day of School

100 Days of School Today – Jack Hartmann
100th Day of School – Ron Brown
Counting by Fives (Hundredth Day Version) – Stephen Fite
Hundredth Day of School – Stephen Fite
Zero the Hero Celebrates 100 Days of School – Jack Hartmann

Back To School – Marla Lewis, Mrs. Music & W.L.A. Children's Choir
Going Back To School – Lauren Mayer/Curriculum Rocks
How Did You Get to School Today? – Cherry Carl
I'm Crayon Crazy! (First Day of School) – Cherry Carl
I'm Ready for the First Day of School! – Cherry Carl
It is Time for School! – Cherry Carl
It's a New Year – Music with Mar.

On a School Bus – Music with Mar.
School Days – Keystone Creations

Classroom Etiquette
Bully-Proof Our School – Todd Werner
Don't Leave a Mess At Lunch Time – Songs For Positive Schools
Don't Push in Line – Mrs. Kate
I've Got a Question– Cathy Bollinger
It Doesn't Matter If You're Little – Prue Whoo
It's OK To Be Different – Prue Whoo
Quiet in Line -- Quiet in the Hallway– Ben Stiefel
Rules, Rules, Rules– Ben and Elizabeth Stiefel
Our Class Rules - OK! – Keystone Creations
Times For Talking and Times For Listening – Songs For Positive Schools
Wall of Fame! – Cherry Carl
We Make New Arrivals Welcome Here – Songs For Positive Schools

Pledge of Allegiance– Mrs. Music & W.L.A Children's Choir
The School Council Song (We Represent You) – Songs For Positive Schools
School Song – Kathleen Wiley
Turn Up, and Work! – Songs For Positive Schools
We Like to Join School Clubs! – Songs For Positive Schools

School Appreciation
A Class Family – Keystone Creations
Celebrate – Debbie Clement
Glad I'm at School – Debbie Clement
It's Funtastic – Stephen Fite
Lifelong Learners – Marla Lewis
Look at Me – Marilyn M. Linford
Our School – Keystone Creations
Round the Clock in School - Marla Lewis
School is Cool – Lauren Mayer
The Thankful Song – Marilyn M. Linford
We Appreciate Having School – Songs For Positive Schools
We Lap Up Learning – Songs For Positive Schools
When We Go Home, We Will Know More Than We Did Before – Songs For Positive Schools

Silly School Songs
Cindy's Absent – Barry Louis Polisar
Crazy Backwards Day – Stephen Fite
I Don't Wanna Go To School – Barry Louis Polisar
I've Got A Teacher, She's So Mean – Barry Louis Polisar
Nothing  – Barry Louis Polisar

Summer Vacation
School's Out – Marla Lewis & Mrs. Music
Summer Break (Let's Shake!) – Listen & Learn
The Year Is Over  – Music with Mar.

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