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Look At Me
Song Lyrics and Sound Clip
Marilyn M. Linford

Vocal     Instrumental
This song is available on Marilyn Linford's Things to Know About Your World


Look at me.  Look what I can do. 
Look at me.  Look what I can do.
I can zip my coat. I can tie my shoe.

I know my shapes and colors too.
I can cut with scissors and I can glue.
I can recite my alphabet.

I can clean my room. 
I can make my bed.
I write my numbers from one to ten. 
I can spell my name.
I can hold my pen.

Look at me.  Just take a look

I can sing a song.  I can read a book. 
I can tell you a nursery rhyme.

I can play a game.  I color real fine. 
I have learned to follow rules.

I must be ready to go to school.
I must be ready to go to school.


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Many thanks to Marilyn M. Linford for permission to display these lyrics.
© Marilyn M. Linford. All rights reserved. Used with permission.


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