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Handle With Care
Song for Teaching About Kindness
Linda K. Williams

This song is available on Caring and Capable Kids

To view pages from the Caring and Capable Kids Book, please Click Here.


Where there is hatred, I'll bring love;
We can settle things by talking, you'll see.
Where there is sadness, I'll bring joy;
I'll help you to smile again.
Where there's been harm done,
I'll ease the pain,
And help the forgiving begin.

My vision is all people living in peace,
Though I can't change the world in a day,
I'll start with myself and the people I know,
And from there the caring will grow.
To help stop the hating and hurting and fear,
Here is what I'm going to do ...


Instead of waiting for you to dry my tears,
I'll dry yours, and comfort you.
Instead of waiting for you to understand me,
I'll do my best to understand you.
Instead of waiting for you to love me,
I'll show my love for you.


I rejoice when you feel glad,
I’m concerned when you feel sad.
I'll do my best to care for you,
And welcome your caring for me; for treating
Others with care and respect for their rights
Is the only way we'll live in peace.

CHORUS, repeating last line at end


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Many thanks to Linda K. Williams for permission to display these lyrics.
© Linda K. Williams. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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