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Face My Fears

Song for Teaching Growth Mindset

Face My Fears Song

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You can bet that I get scared when I'm trying something new
It isn't fun to feel unprepared, or like I don't know what to do
But the fear I feel won't go away until I walk right up and say

I'll face my fears
Show that I know there's nothing to it
Face my fears
Give it a try, 'cause I can do it
Settle my stomach and dry my tears
Whenever a challenge appears I can face my fears

The first time I rode a bike I was afraid that I would fall

But then I tried with my dad beside me and it wasn't so bad at all Now I ride, as free as can be, and it only cost one skinned knee.


Cause I faced my fears (etc.)
I just think about things I've tried
Where at first I was terrified
But I did it!, and I'll decide to do it today
If I need to I can depend On a teacher or real good friend
To encourage my fears to end, and now I'm okay!


A new class, or a test to pass, could be filling me with doubt
A mean cat, or my turn at bat when I'm afraid that I'll strike out
But I'll take a swing, I won't be shy
Might as well give it a try!

I'll face my fears, I'll face my fears
Face my, face my, face my fears!

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