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Friendship Songs for Kids

Teaching an Appreciation of Friendship to Children

Celebrate Friendship!
Whether you need educational music about how to be a good friend, kindness to others or empathy, you'll find a varied selection below. These Friendship Songs are for children of all ages... and many will also appeal to grown-ups.

These friendship and social skills songs are available from a variety of albums. 

Songs that Celebrate Friendship
1, 2, 3, Four-Ever Friends - Colleen & Uncle Squaty
All By Myself - Priscilla Ahn
All Weather Friends - Keystone Creations
Any Other Kid - Dave Kinnoin
A Hug - The W.L.A. Children's Choir
A Song for Me and You - Bobby Susser
Be a Friend - Mrs. Kate
Because We're Friends - Music with Mar.
Best Friends Gemini
Best Friends - Patty Shukla
Best Friends - The W.L.A. Children's Choir
Can I Play Too? - Margot Bevington
Chito and Abu - Alina Celeste
Circle of Friends - Ron Brown
Circle of Friends - Colleen and Uncle Squaty
Circle of Friends Medley - Judy Leonard
Driftin' Dan - Timmy Abell
Finding a Good Friend - Kids' Value Pack
Flipper the Seal - Two of a Kind
Friends - Andy Z
Friends - Jeanne Nelson and Hector MarĂ­n
Friends - Karen Rupprecht and Pam Minor
Friends - Liz Buchanan
Friends - Two of a Kind
Friends 1, 2, 3 - John "Kinderman" Taylor
Friends & Sharing - Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids' Songs
Friends--We All Need Friends - Dianne Baker
Friendship - Kathleen Wiley
Friendship Stew - Pam Donkin & Greta Pederson
Friendship - Be a Good Friend - "Miss Jenny"
Good Friends - Paulette Meier
Good Friends Are Forever - Dianne Baker
Happy As Happy Can Be - Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids' Songs
Having a Friend - Tim Seston
Hello Friend - Dianne Baker
Hello 'Round the World - Two of a Kind
I Love You - Timmy Abell
I Love You Because You're You - Andy Z
I Love You, No Matter What - Jack Hartmann
Isn't It Good To Know - Carol Johnson
It's Love - Jack Hartmann
It Starts in the Heart - Jack Hartmann and Dr. Becky Bailey
Like Love - Timmy Abell
Little Drops Of Water - Liz Buchanan
Little Red Wagon - Timmy Abell
Love Is . . . – Alina Celeste
Love Is Like a Boomerang - Jim Rule
Love Grows One by One - Carol Johnson
Make New Friends (But Keep the Old) - Traditional Song Lyrics
Making Friends - Listen and Learn
The More We Get Together - Traditional Song Lyrics
My Best Friend - Prue Whoo
Play All Day - Timmy Abell
Sailing On The Seven C's - Dr. Mac - Happy Kid's Songs
Shake a Friend's Hand - Andy Z
Think Of Me As A Freind, Forever - Bobby Susser
Together - Dr. Mac - Happy Kid's Songs
Together - Gemini
Valentine's Day Party Dance - Jack Hartmann
We Will Have a New Friend - Music with Mar.
Walk With Me - Tim Seston
Who Will Be My Valentine? - Linda Brown/Dr. Thomas Moore
Will I Find a Friend? - Two of a Kind
You're Wonderful - Debbie Clement
You've Got a Friend in Me - Stephe Fite
ZooDeeAy Music with Mar.

Friendship Songs for Teaching Empathy, Kindness and Interpersonal Skills
Affirmations - Paulette Meire
A Smile and a Kind Word - "Prudence Pennypack and Pamela Pigella"
Be the Kind of Person - Jim Rule
Be My Friend Hap Palmer
Been There, Too - Caroline and Danny
Caring Avenue - Dave Kinnoin
Character - "Prudence Pennypack and Pamela Pigella"
Children Just the Same - Judy Leonard
Come On Board! - Paulette Meier
Compliments - Tuned In To Learning
Connected, Unique and Powerful - Linda K. Williams
Cool Cooperation James Oglesby
Cooperative Learning Song Linda K. Williams
Dealing With Feelings Rap (The I-Message Song) - Paulette Meier
Don't Be Bossy - Todd Werner
Don't Judge Them– Paulette Meier
Don't Tease– Street Smarts
Everybody Has a Name– Listen and Learn
Everybody Wants To Find A Friend– Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids' Songs
Eye to Eye – Exploring Language Through Song and Play
Goodbye Song - Kathleen Wiley
The Greedies - "Prudence Pennypack and Pamela Pigella"
Handle With Care - Caring and Capable Kids
Hands to Yourself - Jack Hartmann
Helping Hand - Gemini
Here to Play - Tim Seston
The Hug Song - Miss Jenny
Human Beings - John Dale
If We Care - Gemini
I’ll Picture Myself Succeeding - Linda K. Williams
I’ll Stand Up for Myself - Linda K. Williams
I'm Sorry - Auntie Kayte
I'm Sorry - Jim Rule
I’ve Got to Talk to Them - Linda K. Williams
It's Us Against the Problem, Not Me Against You - Linda K. Williams
Let's Shake Hands And Say Hello - Jaycie Voohees
Listen! - Paulette Meier
Look 'Em In The Eye - Jaycie Voohees
Love Makes a Family - Two of a Kind
Jumping to Conclusions - Jan Nigro
Keeping Friends – Vivi Melody & Family
Martin and Robby - Paulette Meier
No Matter How Small - Dave Kinnoin
No One Is A Nobody Caring and Capable Kids
Open That Door "Prudence Pennypack and Pamela Pigella"
Pitfalls - Two of a Kind
Secrets - Timmy Abell
Show Kindness Every Day - Jack Hartmann
The Strategy Wheel - Paulette Meier
Share with Me - Silly Goose & Val
Sharing John Dale
Sharing Friends Dr. Mac. - Happy Kids' Songs
Stuff Is Not Enough - "Prudence Pennypack and Pamela Pigella"
Table Of Life Gemini
Talk it Out - Two of a Kind
Talking 'bout a Put-Down Jan Nigro
The Thing I Love Most – Vivi Melody & Family
Tim Turtle, No One's Happier Than He - Dianne Baker
T.I.M.E. at the Peace Table - Paulette Meier
Thankful - Listen & Learn
That Thing – Randy & Dave
This is the Way - Jack Hartmann
Walk a Mile - Jan Nigro
We All Have Feelings - Margie La Bella
We Can Still Be Friends – Vivi Melody & Family
We Like To Be With Our Friends – Vivi Melody & Family
What Does Peace Mean? - Paulette Meier
When I Get Mad- Two of a Kind
Who I Am Makes A Difference - Caring and Capable Kids
You Are My Friend - Pam Donkin & Greta Pederson

Musical Plays That Teach Social Skills/Character Education
Bullies Anonymous – Bad Wolf Press
Character Matters – Bad Wolf Press
Character Matters II – Bad Wolf Press
Conflict Resolution Helps You Find the Very Best Solution – Ben Stiefel 
The Day the TV Broke (Promoting Exercise & Healthy Living) – Andrea Moon 
Good Manners – Bad Wolf Press
The Magical, Musical, Amazingly Beautiful Pencil! – Ben Stiefel 
Rock Solid Kids – Keith Hafner & Laszlo Slomovits
Showing Respect – That’s the Key – Ben Stiefel
Social Skills: How to Interact With Human Beings – Bad Wolf Press

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