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Tim Turtle, No One's Happier Than He
Children's Song About Turtles
Dianne Baker

This song is available on Dianne Baker's Pet Songs

Going down the road on a summer's day
When I happened to meet this friend of mine,
Wasn't in a hurry-no not he!
Just a takin' his good ole time!

Dum-da, dum-da, says he--takin' life so easy
Dum-da, dum-da, you can see--no one's happier than he!

Many people rushed on by,
My friend and I talked for quite awhile
We walked along-by the end of the day--
We had only gone one country mile! (Refrain)

I've been down this road many times--
Always in a hurry and I never did see--
The many flowers, rocks, and trees-
Beautiful sights he showed to me! (Refrain)

Then he told me how lucky he is--
That he can travel anywhere--
When the sun sets--sky grows dark,
He has his cozy home right there! (Refrain)

Old Tim Turtle taught me many things--
One important lesson I learned that day--
You can miss a lot of what's going on--
If you're in a hurry, then you can't say-- (Refrain)

Final Refrain:
Dum-da, dum-da, la--dee-dee, takin'life so easy.
Dum-da, dum-da, you can see--no one's happier than he!
Dum-da, dum-da, la-dee-dee--no one's happier than Me!

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Many thanks to Dianne Baker for permission to display these lyrics.
© Dianne Baker. All rights reserved. Used with permission. 

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