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The Strategy Wheel

Teaching Strategies for Interpersonal Conflict Resolution
Paulette Meier

This song is available on Paulette Meier's
Come Join the Circle: LessonSongs for Peacemaking.

Tasha told me that everyone knows,
that I said I like Ben.
Now the only one that knew
was my friend Lana Sue
Can’t believe she’d break my confidence!

I’d like to tell her a thing or two,
I’m so angry I could ring her neck.
But I know that would only make things worse,
So I gotta think of something instead.

The strategy wheel,
Oh the strategy wheel.
Spinning ‘round my head.
The strategy wheel,
Yeah, the strategy wheel.
What can I do that makes good sense instead?

I lost my pen the other day
It was my favorite, a gift from Mom.
Well I looked all around,
But it couldn’t be found.
Till now, I see it in the hands of Tom.

Well, that thief he must have taken it
from my pack
When we were out at lunch.
I gotta think of something quick to do
before I grab it and give him a punch.


There are lots of choices now
To stand up peacefully.
You got to spin that wheel around
And pick your strategy.

New Chorus:
The strategy wheel
(You can ask a question now.)
The strategy wheel
(Or take some time to cool down.)
The strategy wheel,
(Get a friend to listen well.)
The strategy wheel,
(Or go outside and jump and yell!)
The strategy wheel,
(Get someone to mediate.)
The strategy wheel
(Talk it out and negotiate.)

Oh, the strategy wheel,
(The strategywheel)
Yeah. the strategy wheel,
(Yeah. the strategy wheel)
What can I do
(What can I do)
That makes good sense
(That makes good sense)

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Many thanks to Paulette Meier for permission to display these lyrics.
© 1999 Paulette Meier. All rights reserved. Used with permission.

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