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Come Join the Circle Download

Come Join the Circle -- LessonSongs for Peacemaking CD
Paulette Meier
Item: 884

      This award winning collection by peace educator and singer/songwriter Paulette Meier is unusual in its appeal to both young and older students. The 14 songs, full of hope and energy, build unity, appreciation for diversity, and skills for resolving conflict. The songs offer important skills and concepts in social-emotional learning, without talking down to kids. Seven extra karaoke-style sing along tracks are included with this CD.
     Based on real life issues facing children, Meier's songs address topics such as peer pressure and namebrand clothing, boy's needing to act tough, and the hurt and anger around a broken confidence. The diverse music and mix of performers (Hip-hop, gospel, Celtic, blues and more.) reinforce the message of inclusion that the lyrics superbly communicate. A chorus of inner city children add their voices to the mix, inviting students to sing along.
     "Come Join the Circle is absolutely exceptional. Every classroom across America should have it! The wisdom in it is priceless." - Naomi Drew, teacher, author, Learning the Skills of Peacemaking
     "These warm and wonderful songs make children want to move, think, smile and learn new ways to live. I'm thrilled to have this resource for my classroom!" - Jeanne Halladay, elementary teacher

Song List

     1. Come Join the Circle: An inviting call for inclusion, based on the beautiful gospel spiritual "Wade in the Water."
     2. Listen! : Driving rhythms of bongo and bass reinforce the compelling refrain of this song: "Listen! We all want to be heard!"
     3. T.I.M.E. at the Peace Table : What do you do when someone spills juice all over your shirt? It can spark a fight or a great discussion. T.I.M.E. turns out to be the the magic word, spelling out some very helpful tactics for working through a conflict.
     4. What Does Peace Mean? : Peace starts with each of us, as we go through our days "taking care of ourselves, each other, and the earth."
     5. Good Friends (The Peer Mediation Song): When two 4th grade girls with seemingly opposite personalities are assigned to be project partners, a blow up ensues. Peer mediators help them work it out peacefully, resulting in a new friendship.
     6. Cool Cooperation : A cool urban beat makes the point here as Atlanta based hip hop artist James Reid (aka James Oglesby) sings with some young friends. "Cool cooperation, let the rhythm move your feet. Because in the end you know we both win, so there's no need to compete!"
     7. Canned Peace Blues: How to win over a parent when pleading doesn't work? "Mama, can't we please negotiate?"
     8. Break 'Em All Down: A rousing gospel-style choir, in a bilingual Spanish-English chant, calls to break down the walls between us all.
     9. Clothes Don'tMake the Person: "And labels don't make the clothes..." A compelling story song to challenge the pressure to fit in that so many young people face from peers and media.
     10. Martin and Robby : A jazzy story song about two boys who get into a fight when one calls the other a "sissy." They both discover that crying is not a bad thing, but actually "helps get the pain out," and pledge to support each other in this new belief!
     11. Strategy Wheel : A lively reggae beat informs this conflict resolution song about alternative choices when you're hurt and angry.
     12. Affirmations: Pointing out the positive in each other makes our days go better.... "Let's end those put downs now!"
     13. Dealing With Feelings Rap (The "I" Message Song) : With some hip hop tracks as the backdrop, two young rappers offer ideas for how to get feelings out in constructive ways. The rap then moves into an R & B sound, with young soloists sharing sample ways to communicate hard feelings in words, using a helpful formula called an "I-Message.
     14. Come On Board!: A great way for kids to begin to explore differences in the world and in their classroom, this country gospel style song is a call for unity to people from all backgrounds. "This train is bound for healing, this train is rolling on the rails of compassion..."
     Instrumental Tracks: Karaoke-style instrumental tracks are included for the following songs: Listen • TIME at the Peace Table • Clothes Don't Make the Person • The Strategy Wheel • Affirmations • Dealing with Feelings Rap • Come on Board!

Printed lyrics are included with this album.

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