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Barb Tilsen

Barb Tilsen

Barb Tilsen has been performing for audiences of all ages since 1971. Her songs, whether for adults or children, inspire us to treasure what is beautiful in our world and in each other. Her music moves us to sing, work and act together in ways that build a healthier world for us all. Her songs and poems are rooted in the lives and stories of people all across this land. She writes with both humor and insight as a woman in our culture, as a peacemaker, a community-builder, a mother.

At the heart of Barb’s work with children is the creative process. She can work magic with young children. Her songs are rooted in her wonderful sense of what kids can relate to and how they feel. Her songs are 100% kid-tested, kid-approved! They have grown out of her day-to-day musical work with children in preschools and public schools. She moves from light-hearted funny songs to ones that touch in meaningful ways on real issues in children’s lives. Her music, her classes and her performances are hallmarked by her great sense of fun, her respect for young children and her unique way of musically touching their hearts.

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