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Val Smalkin - "Silly Goose & Val"

Val Smalkin - "Silly Goose & Val"

Singer, composer, and ventriloquist Valerie Leonhart Smalkin was one of the writers, performers, and co-producers of the Emmy award winning television program "It's Kindertime" on ABC affiliate in Baltimore.

Val has performed since her early teens as a musician and singer, and found her love of puppets and families in 1987, as the founding partner of Val & Pam KinderSingers. Pam continued as Pam, The KinderSinger, and Val as Silly Goose & Val, and the fun has never stopped.

But most of all Val, as Silly Goose & Val, enjoys touring school, libraries, and live stage theaters in the Mid-Atlantic area, New York, and Belgium with her puppets, marionettes, comedy, and music. She most recently authored the book/CD Springtime Dance, illustrated by Kimberly Hopkins.
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