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Debbie Paulsen

Debbie Paulsen

My students call me Mrs. Debbie. I am an Early Exceptional Learning Program teacher. I also serve as a worship leader at my church in Florida. After my children were enrolled in school, I chose to work as a Paraprofessional for the school system with Exceptional and Deaf and Hard of Hearing students. During this time, I noticed students were learning more quickly and retaining what they learned with the use of music. I went back to college and received my Bachelor’s Degree in Exceptional Student Education and my certifications in General Education Pre-K to 6th grades as well as ESE Kindergarten to 12th grades. I also have endorsements in Reading and ESOL. After confirming, through my college endeavor, that statics show that students indeed do learn more quickly and retain the material not only short term, but in long term memory, through the aide of music, I have chosen to use my love of music and writing to compose my own educational songs. I take my background of knowledge of students interests and try to use multiple modalities to meet as many child’s needs of engagement as possible.

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