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Donna & Andy

Donna & Andy

Donna & Andy (Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker) create amazing music for children. Their natural curiosity, their ability to use imagination and play to choose great song topics and create clever song lyrics, and their stellar musicianship are all factors that contribute to their musical successes. Donna & Andy’s music is diverse in its musical styles and instrumentation, well produced and ready to provide children (and their parents) the opportunity to sing along, dance, or just listen to some great stories told through song. This duo has received multiple local, regional and national level awards and nominations. Donna & Andy’s 20-year career has taken them across Canada and to Hong Kong for live performances. Their recorded music has been enjoyed by audiences around the world.

Donna draws on her 35 years of experience as a music education specialist and her ability to play multiple instruments as she composes and performs. Donna was recognized by the Canadian Music Educators Association (CMEA) when she received the Jubilate Award of Merit for her “significant contribution to music education in Canada”. Andy combines his warm sense of humor and a love for being mischievous with rock-solid musicianship and a four-octave range that would be the envy of many singers.

Donna & Andy’s music is ideal for use in schools, at home and when travelling. Their songs are great for fun, for education, for singing along, for dancing, and, with stellar musicality, can be enjoyed by the whole family. One of Canada’s premiere children’s artists, Donna & Andy’s music will become a favorite part of your family’s/school’s music collection.

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