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Lessia Bonn

Lessia Bonn

Lessia Bonn has been penning wisdom songs for and producing gifted young singers for many years. On her roster; Viva Gore (dad's Martin Gore of the band Depeche Mode), Jessie Bridges (middle daughter of actor, Jeff) and Rachel Sand, a young actor sharing a manager with Hilary Duff. She has co-produced material along-side Alan Thicke for Alan's son, singer Robin Thicke of the show Duets. She produced and appeared on the popular SBTV show Enlightenment Stew which featured her empowerment material and gifted students.

For years Lessia served as songwriter, ringleader and informal counselor to a giant crew of tweens and teens knick-named "Lessia's Crew". Crew became a "Santa Barbara phenom" (Montecito Journal). Kids lovingly referred to Crew as their church since meet-ups, held every Sunday morning, were more about feeling supported than singing perfectly. Think; "Glee" but a true life "Glee." Less drama. Kids showed up in bedroom slippers! As these young people confided their challenges to Lessia daily, she soon realized she could make a huge dent in youthful perceptions by penning deep insights into songs that were fun to sing. Many "Crew" recordings are now featured in the I am Bullyproof Music Library. Lessia herself was a prodigy with perfect pitch. She is highly trained and deeply motivated to help kids get a clue through music!

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