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Fearless Song and Lesson Plans

I Am Bullyproof Music
Individual Song, Lyrics and Lesson Plan Download

This empowering self esteem song is great for busting inner bullies. Thoughtful lyrics encourage students to rise above their fears and express their most authentic selves. Insightful lyrics lead to fascinating discussions  centered around what it means to be brave, why kindness is so important, and how self-defeating thoughts need to be policed becuase they can really do us in.

Fearless has also proven an inspiring crowd pleaser and rousing performance choice at graduations and school assemblies. It is not only popular with students, but also parents and teachers as well. A great song for camps, scouts, you name it! Correlates to Common Core! 

Fun Trivia -- this sweet lead vocal is Jessie Bridges. Her dad is actor, Jeff! 

Click MP3 Demo to listen to sound clip!

This download includes:

  • Fearless Song (Mp3)
  • Lesson Plan for grades 4-8, but easily amended for other grades (pdf)
  • Lyrics (pdf)

  • Instrumental/Karaoke Version sold separately (select 9271-DIT below)

Half asleep ‘n wide awake keep stumblin’ on to my mistakes
Impatient at how long things take but hey, at least I’m learnin’
Can’t please ‘em all ‘n yet I try
Come off as strong but you know I’m shy
Stuck to the ground when I like to fly
But hey, I’m only human

Wanna be I was right at the start
Wanna stay grateful, be faithful ‘n keep an open heart
Wanna be hopeful even when I have got my doubts
’Cause if I keep love as my answer, well, I’m bound to work it out
Just gotta be fearless…

Lookin’ ‘round been noticin’ bits of you and lots of me
In every stranger’s face I see we’re all so very human
But sometimes I just miss my turn
I give too much ‘n then get burned
Gonna do okay, though, of that I’m sure
I’m livin’ ‘n I’m learnin’


I put me in a box sometimes ’n stick you in there too
I’m really very sorry, it’s a thoughtless thing to do

Rather be fearless…hand you all the parts of me
Rather stay grateful, be faithful that you’ll like what you see
Rather be hopeful, real hopeful in this world of doubt
’Cause if we keep love as our answer, well, we’re bound to work it out

Just gotta be fearless……need to stay grateful…
Gotta be hopeful, real hopeful in this world of doubt
’Cause if we keep love as our answer,
Well, we’re bound to work it out
If we can keep love as our answer,
We’re just bound… gonna be grateful…’n hopeful…’n
Fearless… so fearless 

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Downloadable Instrumental Track
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